An awkward poet could be hacking blogs everywhere. Are YOU safe?

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Deception is everywhere. Let's just face facts.

I've found myself thinking heavily about this since about 5 or 6 minutes ago. I've come to the stark realization that they're a real threat to our reality, folks.


My fellow bloggers and blog readers, you should know of the possibly that AWKWARD HACKERS are a thing. They exist. I know this on account of the fact that if I were smart enough to hack into someone's blog, I would do it. I'd do it for real. That's just how sneaky and mischievous I am. I like to stir up trouble in humorous ways.

So, yeah. You should think about this possibility and just be prepared for it. Not that there's any way you can prepare. You're kinda doomed.

The cold, hard truth of the matter is that somewhere, somehow, some way.. an eccentric and awkward poet like myself could HACK YOUR BLOG and WRITE A WEIRD POEM on it.

I was thinking about how this could be a thing because of the fact that I have, in the past, hacked my husband's facebook account. I say hacked, but really he just left himself logged in on his phone, and POOF. I got in. It's not my fault that he's so careless with his phone apps.

Let's just say I did bad things and we'll move on from there. It might have involved me making a post (from his FB account, as him) saying that he liked to wear pink underwear and that he especially liked to borrow mine.

Yeah. I'm a bad wife. But just FYI, he got me back. And he was meaner. So don't be feeling too sorry for him. I did not speak to him for a whole day after what he did.

Anyway, back to my previous ponderment..

If I were a blockchain blog hacker, what would I do after I robbed everyone of all of their money?

I would write a poem. A really ridiculous one that made only just barely enough sense to keep someone interested for maybe 10 or 15 seconds. I will pretend now that I have hacked this blog.


It's just me. I've been transformed into a giraffe. I knew it was happening for awhile now because I've been slowly growing taller. Also, earlier this morning, I got a weird desire to go eat the leaves off of the maple tree in the front yard and had to really try hard to keep from doing that. That was hard. I ate some lettuce instead, but it was not satisfying.

Also, in case you are wondering, I have a name.

My name is Girrafelitto.
but my friends all call me Teeto.
I like to eat me a blue burrito
with my bestest pal named Guitto.

Sometimes I like to play with scissors
and dance in the sun and chew bubblegum.
Have you ever seen a giraffe chew gum?
Be careful, we might bite your thumb

Okay.. that's the end of imaginary hacker scenario. If I really did it I would write a better poem. I have high standards regarding poetry. This one was just freewrite.

Anyway.... I have to get to bed. I have been on this site for too long. I see an add for "Free bitcoin in your browser" ...these new Steemit ads are not even at all interesting. They're about as satisfying as eating lettuce instead of a maple leaf.

See ya later... and leave a link to your instagram so I can go stalk you, and maybe hack it.

Love always,

♥- serena

I took the picture of Titto. She lives a life in captivity at the Nashville Zoo on a carousel. Pray for her. Her name isn't really Titto. That would be dumb. Her real name is a secret. I have to protect her from the hackers.

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haha u need to be spanked and lurked upon. dis was funny i laughed OL.

there are poems everywhere. i have found poems looking at a chair or thru a bee, in a memory or a up a tree. they can be right outside or in between or deep inside a galaxy. rabbit holes and universe folds can upwrap a seed in lettuce trolls.

blogs are boring. hack a mind instead.

Haha. Serena. If you hacked my blog and left a weird poem, I am not sure anyone would notice. I guess my own unique ways have shielded me some from the mischief makers. Beat 'em to the punch, I say. What you did to your husband was priceless. Clever and humorous write, here. Really enjoyed:)


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Keep up the great work!


wow wow Hi lar ious! That's very Noble of you to leave a very valuable poem that they could prove is theirs and publish it for millions of dollars.
Manually curated by @eonwarped.

Lolz 😋 you can wacky hacky me any time @paintingangels 😄

I would give you the password to my instagram account so that you could hack it and write weird poems but, alas, I have no instagram account. I don't even have an internet connected phone.
But if I did, I would want you to hack it...

:D <3