Doodle Trends Drawing Contest 3: Drinking Straw

in doodletrends •  20 days ago

Today is the fourth day of the new year I am still feeling the drive to push myself to commit doing a few things and one of them is finding time to stay active here on Steemit. I am spared of the burden thinking about what topic or theme to draw and write about because @steempampanga is already doing that so thank you and I hope you never get tired of it. Steem on my friend.
This is my drawing of drinking straws I never knew that these can be a good subject look how simple the shape and look but when arranged in such a manner they surely look fun and interesting. That is the beauty of doodling you never know what beautiful creations you can come up with unless you let loose and start creating. Well that's it for now hope you give it a like 😋

Why not participate today and have fun.

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