Doodle Trends Drawing Contest 17: Tawilis

in doodletrends •  18 days ago

Hi Steemians and Doodle friends,

Pardon the hastily drawn tawilis fish for my entry today. I had to finish this real quick because I realized I left something important downstairs and need to be back there very very quick. While reading the main contest post of @steempampanga I learned that this fish in question is in danger of becoming extinct. How sad very sad news because this is the only fresh water sardine known or reported and is from the Philippines. I played with that idea of getting extinct. Look at how worried the faces of these fish are upon hearing the word extinct. I hope you guys do not mind if my entry is gearing towards the funny side although the issue we face about the fish is not funny at all. I just want to create something fun and light to relieve me off stress. Hope you love my drawing.
Thanks for stopping by

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