Doodletrends: Chicken

in doodletrends •  2 months ago

Hi there my steemit friends,

Can you guess what this doodle is? Yeah the title says it all but does it look like a chicken? We do not have this kind here but I saw this online and I think it would be better if I show something that we do not have in my country.

The chicken is so fluffy with all the feathers spread out like a feather duster. It looks weird but cute so it caught my attention and I chose it to be my reference in making my chicken doodle today. I almost scrap the drawing because it's not working for me. I guess that's part of the challenge to be able to produce something out of a seemingly difficult subject to work with. I am glad I didn't get swayed by my mood to give up and so here is my doodle I'm proud of it. Hope you like it.


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She is fluffy and interesting never seen anything like it


She is fluffy and
Interesting never seen
Anything like it

                 - quatro

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


That's right haikubot 5-7-5

Kitok bulok bok bok bok ana ne