Doodle Doodledayeo challenge -round 18

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We have already reached round 18 of the Doodle Doodledayeo challenge, can you believe it?


A new twist to the challenge -find the 3 words!

This week I'm trying out a new twist in the challenge, instead of giving out all 3 words in this post I am hiding the 3 words in my posts over a few days. Once you have collected all the 3 words create your doodle but don't give away what the 3 words are in your post, it is up to other people to work it out from your drawing or find the words for themselves. The deadline will be Thursday 15th February. I have already made one post containing the first word for the round 18 challenge, see if you can find it!


The Doodle Doodledayeo challenge is about using your imagination and creating cool doodles. It's open to everyone of all skill levels and you can use any medium, style or technique you like. Use the #doodleon tag if you post your work, and to find the work of other doodlers too!

Check out the doodles from the last round

The words for Doodle Doodledayeo challenge round 17 were tangled, plastic and mermaid, and we had over 195 doodles in response to these. You can see a selection of these at Results round 17 Doodle Doodledayeo! PART 1 and PART 2, and the #doodleon tag.


If you make a post about your doodle make sure you tag it with #doodleon, and post the image and link below in the comments section. I'll share a selection of the images in the results post.


The deadline for this round is Thursday 15th February 2018, at 11.59 pm UTC.

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Have a great day and Steem on!

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Hi @opheliafu. This is my entry for the contest.colorful, opheliafu 004.JPG


Excellent- thank you for joining in!


Thanks to you @opeliafu.

Greetings, @opheliafu here my contribution for this week I hope you like my work


Thank you @opheliafu for promoting this type of contests and publicizing the art of many of us participants ... here I leave my link so you can see the step by step of my work, I hope you like it.

Hola a todos buenas noches espero les guste esta gran publicación que fue para mi una de las mejores espero sea de su agrado esta es mi entrada para el doodle 18 ..IMG_20180211_162238.jpg






Nice doodling @elvis22!



Yikes! I'm almost late to the party...thanks for putting this on @opheliafu!

Here's my entry, it was inspired by the running of the bulls, heh

Hi guys, hi @opheliafu , here my entry:
An Unlucky Rider - Doodle Doodledayeo Challenge - Round 18

Hey @opheliafu , here's my ticket to contest 18. I hope you like it. Happy day of love and friendship. Greetings.

Very nice twist this time, @opheliafu! I didn't want to give the words away in my post, so I ended up writing a story to go with my drawing. Thanks for this awesome challenge!



muy lindo el dibujo apoyame @angeGonzalez


Amazing doodling!

hello to all the participants especially to @opheliafu
here this participation in this week's contest

Buenas Tardes a todos .. @opheliafu aquí les dejo mi entrada



Wonderful doodling!

Hello, I am new to Steemit and it is my first participation in the Doodleon, I thank @opheliafu for being the organizer of this event.1.jpg

Thanks to all this is my collaboration this week is very fun to participate. I was excited about these inconitas track

Greeting to @opheliafu

Hola @opheliafu... Espero que disfrutes mucho de esto, tanto como yo, soy dibujante... Me gusta trabajar mas que todo con el grafito, en este caso utilice lapiz 6B 3b y 2h...



muy creativo

This is my entry to the contest friends, Love is in the air..

hello this is my presentation I hope you like it!
It is a unicorn that can not reach the goal because it was split a wing!


Good evening this is my entry to the contest.
If you have gone through this situation it is good to rectify on time, it is never too late to do it. I await your comments.
by: @jaurrieta

Hi, My entry for the contest

Hello my friends of steemit, I thank you for the opportunity of @opheliafu to participate in this challenge of the week, this time with the secret words... here my entry. Good luck


Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (05.02-11.02): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @opheliafu for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free STEEM.


Now I'm hooked! I love a challenge within a challenge :)

hello I am participating in the challenge number 18 of @opheliafu this is my entry

I hope you like it and understand the idea that I wanted to project.

hola chicos como estan espero esten bien aqui mi entrada para el doodle 18 espero sea de su agrado

Hi, here my entry for the contest!

thanks @opheliafu By

My entryyy @opheliafu


Mi entrada para el Doodle Doodledayeo challenge -round 18 @opheliafu DSCF7353.JPG
Espero te guste :D

Good evening @opheliafu. Here, my entry to the contest. I hope you like it. Warm greetings and successes to all contestants.

Producto Final.jpg

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, A pleasure this is my first entry very funny these doodles greetings @opheliafu
Hello hello! Here is my entry for this round of doodle doodledayeo, I actually had a lot of fun finding out the three words. Hope you enjoy my doodle.


Dear @opheliafu, this is my entry. Thanks for your challenge. Blessings!

Hi, here my entry. thanks to @opheliafu


Cool doodling!


I join the challenge of round 18 I love your contest I am new at steemit @opheliafu


Hello to all community members! I am new and this is my first drawing! I hope you like it!

Aiskel JPEG.jpg

Hi @opheliafu! This is my first time participating here, i hope you like my drawing.

Doodle Doodledayeo!
Doodle Doodledayeo!
Doodle Doodledayeo!

I am ready to participate, i made a picture called "The last race"


hello @opheliafu, this is my entry again in your challenge, i hope you like it!


Thanks @opheliafu. Regards to you and all the participants, below the link with my contribution to the contest.

The Unicorn that dreamed of being a racehorse


Hello friends,


Here I leave my entry for the contest of @opheliafu. In this work I wanted to capture the unfortunate outcome that one of the winners had at the time of receiving his prize in the sports tournament of the race of unicorns, where he accidentally fell from the podium

Hope you like