I need 150 SBD for rent and food: Please donate to @shla-rafia! You look beautiful today :)

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I Powered Up and could not make enough money with blogging. Now I kindly ask for your donations.

Thank you and have a wonderful day everybody!

Shla Rafia

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I will resteem your post. Maybe this can help man.

Thanks, I also would like to take a credit if possible. Donations, credit, everything welcome.

Hope it helps ;)

Yes, thanks! @ all @molovelly is the first donor!

@molovelly, but yanno :D is what it is :D thanks for the fix ;)
x x


Thx! Good luck to u too :)

The first person donated 2 SBD!

I just need 5 steem

hi shla, good post...i am new in steemit...i am following you, u can follow, vote & comment on my post.

Thanks & Regards,