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It's very funny because I have a Google alert for a political cartoon and almost all of my posts I put that in title. Yes and I never get alerted to my own posts. I was thought maybe that's because you don't see your own posts. No but now it's happening to hash tags. I can't even find my own hashtags..even if I hashtag #SomethingICantEvenGetIt.

The name of this website what is it what's the name of this Web site you are on right now while if you type it in exactly like that you'll have like 3 pages of news sites without even cartoons not even cartoon supporting trump I mean what's going on with the phrase "political cartoon" what's going on with that phrase ..why is it the hardest to find ...I have real original content all that comes up is fake news.

I don't cut and paste some memes or make an animation that's very easy to do drawing cartoons is really really hard work I've done this since trump ran and every day I try to improve I try to do one cartoon A-day and I do my best. Each time I do my cartoon I try to do it on a time limit so I can do these in under an hour. It's not hard to find the best news the best joke that you create yourself and then illustrate it where sometimes I just draw and the joke presents the self.

That's car pay carpet "Carpe" I put those so you know how to pronounce it.

He was on today on info wars as soon as I found out about his meme world I sent him a tweet on Twitter I hope he writes me back I definitely want in to his meme world.

Trump is the world savior I've been saying that since 2015 I know it to be true I just feel it in my blood I see him 4 terms I see him covering the White House in gold I see him finding the treasure that the globalists have hoarded and hidden from us.

I'm not the only one that feels that way to a lot of people believe that I say there should be a trump chapter in The Bible I mean really at this is biblical what hes doing.

Anyways in my cartoon I kind of have a little fun with AG barr and him walking on water like Jesus. You know his dad was a carpenter.

This is actually the cover of Drudge Report right now I wonder if Matt drudge himself..recognizes that because I tweeted him my cartoon that's from his front page right now still up.

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