So prince Andrew of the UK royal family is mired in sex abuse claims (Sarcasm incoming)

in donaldmarshall •  last month  (edited)

Hhhvvwhatt!?? A member of a royal family being caught up in a sex abuse scandal? But But SURELY not the royal familllyyy?

I mean sure they were friends with jimmy saville and oversaw actions of every single prime minister for hundreds of years along with being related to people dined on human flesh on with being German but... Nahhh.. I don't believe it.

Im sure prince andrew a man born into wealth and power and reputation definitely wouldn't have any secret kind of messed up outlooks on life enough to indulge in such lurid behavior..
Frankly he should receive an apology and be allowed to whip people through the streets and he should get a giant rainbow unicorn FILLED with money and candy and the smiling corpses of dead hookers.

Yesss... Thats what should happen.

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