Okay....... Hmm..... So... I think this is beyond relevant specially if you know Breaking Bad.

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This is a promo for the prequel series to Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul.

In it we see more development of a villain character called Gus Fring.

Gus owns a buncha chicken restaurants akin to KFC but he secretly uses that business as a cover for producing and distributing Methamphetamine in huge quantities. Outwardly Gus is friendly, kind, generous and a close personal friend to the head of the DEA and law enforcement in general, when secretly he's actually a cold, dead-eyed, motherfucking killer.

He may also be a war criminal from the government of General Pinochet but thats a whole side thing.

If you know Breaking Bad you already know all this but I'm just explaining this to set this up.

So this promo, for the prequel, is an instructional video for employees of the KFCs Gus owns and how they should behave while at the restaurant and its presented by Gus himself, but of course we as the audience know he's a cold ass criminal and is currently involved in the meth business or will be, wants to be, whatever.

And so in the promo, which is an instructional video within the story's world, there are some clues about That fact. For example, the moment where he's talking about how employees should remain composed.

And he talks about how you should remain composed outwardly while inwardly you can be thinking about and I quote "Inside you can be thinking about your homework, or your friends, or your Side Business..."

And when he says Side Business, this is image in the thinking cloud...

Flasks, chemicals, money?

Do you Get what I am trying to say???

This promo... Is a hinty promo... Hinting about fictional events.. INSIDE a hinty show?

They've used the medium of this show to create a understandable version of a piece of hinty media.. WITHIN THE SHOW ITSELF..

Do you see how fucking genius that is?

And this came out in 2017, I've never watched better call saul properly because I refuse to watch it. Prequels don't sit well with me, thats why I'm looking forward to the breaking bad movie El camino, we're actually going to go into the future. I hope its at least entertaining.

Because while having this job of pointing out not only how shows are hinty but I guess how shows are hinty within themselves now as well..? I need a steady flow of entertainment.

A man can go mad very quickly if he's to think about this shit 24/7


He says at 3:57am having just found the promo...


A hinty show thats created inside itself a hinty show... Fksake.

What better way to secretly demonstrate the concept of hinting.

If only people could see this and aply it to the rest of the world, including this fkin show.

The hints are there to see, theyre Really there to see.

Um... Fuk.

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