Ancestry DNA & Facebook: Selling (Or Owning) Your Privacy - We ARE Being Tracked & Hunted- Plus Cloning The Homeless?

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Last month I had written a post 7th Dimension Or R.E.M. Cloning: Phil Chuppa & Your DNA where at the bottom of the post I discussed those online ancestry DNA testing places and what they do with your DNA.

Just last week the news waves were filled with the arrest of a three decade old serial killer being arrested.
Arrest of suspected Golden State Killer through genealogy opens ‘Pandora’s box’. This article in the San Francisco Chronicle fully states the alleged killer, Joseph James DeAngelo, was caught due to being a client of a DNA genealogical website.

For more than 40 years, the Golden State Killer eluded authorities. As police scrambled to solve the cold case, Joseph James DeAngelo — now suspected to be the serial burglar, rapist and murderer who terrorized the state in the 1970s and ’80s — lived a quiet life in a Sacramento suburb.
Meanwhile, genetic samples taken from crime scenes sat in an evidence closet. There were no matches. They appeared useless — until an investigator plugged the DNA into a little-known genealogical website

I am quite sure when you sign up for these genetic and genealogical websites that you are also signing a waiver (more than likely in smaller than small print) about giving the company your permission to keep your information on file or in a database... but really?

Can we say.. invasion of privacy?

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled this unsolved serial murder investigation is on its way to be closed... but... civil rights?

Back in May 2017, the Center For Genetics And Society posted that takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives and then this morning I saw a news report stating that Ancestry dot com is giving customers a chance, opportunity and/or option to SELL their DNA to a service called AncestryDNA.


According to the Think Progress website article, both you and Ancestry may own your DNA; except Ancestry retains rights to your FOREVER, whereas you only own the rights to your DNA is limited to only so many years. MAKE SURE to read the Ancestry customer agreement before sending off your sample and information.

You have to click here to agree; just as with any website, app or online tool anymore. And it is HIGHLY recommended people read very thoroughly the Privacy terms and user agreements. In reality though, how many of us ACTUALLY read any user agreements? We buy new cell phones, we sign up for coupons online; we will agree to just about anything because we want the service or product being offered.


You get mortgage or buy a new car... you are not only signing your life and financial freedom away, you're also giving away ALL of your personal information and so much more.

Anytime you download an app to your cellphone you are giving away your location and where you go. So many apps can track you and look at how Facebook and Zuckerberg have been in the news ever since the 2016 US Presidential election for selling your profile information.

The latest FB scandal is how Facebook 'disagrees' with report saying it gave companies extensive access to users' data without consent. I am one of Samsung's customers and I AM OUTRAGED that they (Facebook) would ever consider doing this! AND I'm furious thinking about what Samsung wants or needs this information for? (Just do basic search for the articles, posts and chatter about FB recording android phone data) Yeah.. do the search on Google, cause you know that's all kept private too

Once you start on the technology road you are caught. You are subjected to being watched. You are cornered and they (government agencies, big tech companies or even worse businesses/companies) have ALL your information.

Does being off-grid help?

Have you ever watched the CBS TV show called HUNTED? Well I have and you are NEVER completely off-grid. You are being watched. You are being stalked. You truly ARE BEING HUNTED.

Image Source-Headline Planet

I can understand some reasons for all these Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras are everywhere. Don't believe me? Next time you're at a stop light, look around. Look up on the telephone posts at any suburban, urban, city or rural intersection.., they are there.

I live in a township of under 28k residents and we have the CCTV cameras at every flashing red light and stop sign here. Off dirt roads even for criminy sakes!.

We have cut the cord for our TV as I am not a fan of paying outrageous prices to watch TV; I prefer documentaries and other history based shows, real life docu-series than the silliness bombarding the airwaves, so we got rid of our satellite programming in early 2017.

I am wanting to go further and further away from being tracked, monitored and being watched by people I do not know. I have been reading this online book (posts written by @wwf) and trying to find out more.
Graduating Life with Honours - Full book with links to each chapter.

The more the government knows about you, your family, your lifestyle and your whereabouts, the worse off you are.

Are You Inviting Unwanted Guests In?

Fellow steemian @squirrelbait makes a valid point here about letting others know more about you than you realize you're doing in this video; Family Stickers On Your Vehicle And SHTF.

She makes a valid point about why would you want ANYone to know who is in your family? There are pedophiles out there on the streets. There are malicious people looking to harm others/children. SO why would you let Johnny Pedophile know you have three children.... Why?

By unwillingly and unknowingly advertising who you are, who is in your family and so much more, you ARE inviting people into your home.

And What About Missing People & The Homeless

Over the weekend I watched TONS of videos as I relaxed and let my head clear out some and came across one of y favorite YT personalities (Prepper Princess) and she had an video from about six months ago about what happened to a community/campsite of homeless people in her area. Watching the video made me think... what if homeless people are being taken. What if these people whose families have no clue where they are, are being scooped up and used for experimental purposes.

Yeah... I am GOING THERE.

When you want to perfect skill or test, you practice until you have all the kinks worked out. So.. instead of taking the best pieces of whatever you are working on and potentially chancing ruining the pieces, you start with something that doesn't matter if it gets ruined.

So... hypothetically, if you wanted to re-create the best of the best actress... you practice and tweak until the end result has all the flaws and defects worked out. Right?

So yeah, I'm not going to come right out and say it, but you know what I am saying.



Disclaimer- this post as well as others with topics and tags containing Illuminati, Donald Marshall, Vrill, human cloning, conspiracy theories and other related topics of discussion on this page are a result of @fulltimegeek's quest to assist Donald Marshall, expose people who are tormenting or stealing other person's livelihoods and/or bringing justice forefront. See FTG's post here. Friendly, mature debate, discussion and viewpoints are encouraged. All posts and articles written on this page and shared on other social media websites and platforms must be known to be of speculation and hypothesis origins.

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That might be the most important post I ever read on steemit.
YES, homeless people get rounded up and become organ donors. In the USA? Probably, but in Shanghai there is little doubt. I have a tech-industry rich friend, their eldest son moved to Shanghai a few years ago. Remember when all the financial gurus were saying China was the next America? He was rich and savvy enough, he went. He BAILED recently, said most Americans are desperate to GTFO now. Among the horrifying stories he had to tell... There are no homeless people in Shanghai. None. He said Americans cannot begin to imagine the size of this city. Take the population of NYC, LA and Chicago, ADD THEM together. Then DOUBLE THAT. Shanghai is almost that big, not quite fully double. And not one homeless person. People have been trying to expose the human organ trafficking going on for a long time, but they just kill them and... yeah... It SUCKS what humans do to each other, but pretending it is not happening means you are willing to die and let your children and grandchildren deal with the mess without even putting up a fight. That is messed up.
THANK YOU for bringing some light to one of the darkest corners of our high tech world.
Oops! Forgot to get to my point lol! (This is the broad "you" I am about to address, no personal aim at all.
There was a time when everyone feared being hunted down and forcibly implanted. I have said for a long, long time - no one is going to risk so much as a fingernail scratch to track you, you will pay for the privilege. You will upgrade your device constantly, pouring money into the wallets of those who track you. You call it your "personal device" without blinking an eye and you REFUSE to leave home without it, and you get angry when you want to use it and you can't connect to the tracking system. And when their liver gives out and their database says YOU are the perfect match, you are going to have a tragic accident. Nothing that will hurt the desired organs, mind you... THAT is the dystopian medical future that is already possible...


You have made SUCH valid, informational/educational and scary statements... but in reality ALL so VERY TRUE.

I remember hearing a few months back, maybe even late in 2017, that there was a company that was taking voluntary employees to be implanted with devices. I can't recall the company's exact reasoning behind these implants but I can recall Mr Golden D saying many expletives about his feelings.

He has never been a conspiracy theorist or wanna-be move into the mountains behind a wall of safety homesteader... but lately he's been taking more thought about it.

And your broad statement is RIGHT ON!

We want the luxury or safety a cell phone brings us but we get upset knowing what is happening. I mean... think about it... why do ANY of the apps need to know that much about us.


Yep, tech should work just as well with user anonymity in MOST applications. But for the sake of convenience... dear God help us all, people will sell their souls without even dickering over the price.


That is why Steemit is nice as a browser based platform. Apps you download suck, a good browser makes a nice security sandbox. I have been about this since the dawn of the mobile, had mobile browsers since 2003. I laugh everytime a company says "download our app, get a free bag of chips, or purchase discounts!" App permissions people, app permissions - free to sift through your entire device.


I completely agree with you and the tracking device. People EVERYwhere are on their phones and take them wherever they go too.

My dear friend, thank you for sharing my work. My whole entire blog is dedicated to these issues and how people can UNGRIP. It requires that we return to the land, find ways to become independent and no longer dependent upon their system. It is a whole entire paradigm shift that I explore and I work hard to raise these points to get people contemplating our current, violent, oppressive, abusive relationships.

Thank you for sharing me work. A good intro would be the film UNGRIP, where my book is the follow up. I've also posted a recent workshop to help people UNPLUG. People seem to like videos more than reading, so that may also help too.

While you seem angry, I am VERY happy to see you write this post. Bravo to you for speaking out and contemplating alternatives to the violence that others are engaged in. You have my support and encouragement my dear spiritual sister.


Thank you and YES! I spent a lot of time this weekend under the weather and watched many videos on YT and Dtube, read a lot and just mulled over so many things... personal, financial and future planning ideas.

OH THANKS for the workshop link!! I missed that one I believe but will be checking it out tonight when I sit down to relax before bedtime.

I actually wrote out a list of goals yesterday- things from homestead additions, gardening changes, future ideas, skills to learn and master and so much more. I am a very goal orientated and concrete thinking person and need to see things in black and white.

thank you @goldendawne for another great expose and educational post. Yeah I watched that Hunted show on tv and my wife and I were shocked at how easy it was to track down people and that was with the Tracked trying to stay offgrid and avoiding being tracked! It was a real eye opener and left us saying wow, it they want you there's nothing you can do!
and cell phones are tracking devices. @fishyculture..her article is quite horrifying! but highly educational so thank you @fishyculture. thanks for the reference to @squirrelbait and that post I am going there now. God bless you for all your work! charging my vote sorry can't vote at the moment.


That TV show HUNTED really opened his eyes to so many things I had been saying for years; he chose to think nah, never and after that show, his mentality changed drastically.

@squirrelbait mainly does videos on here but I always find something in them that I can relate to. She's new to steemit, came from YT, and I just don't think she gets enough credit for what she shares.


@goldendawne..I'm lost on your first sentence, who is the HE?
but speaking of Hunted, I was shocked that they allowed us to see all of the
ways they track. I don't think it will be back.

Perhaps the producer was kinda wanting people to know and got it through the
first time.

yes I would follow @squirrelbait just because of the great username! lol. I watched one
of her videos, yeah I'm going to be following and supporting her. what does YT stand for?

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Hey @goldendawne

I have thoroughly enjoyed your post even if the subject matter is disconcerting. A really well written post.

Just to concur/add.

Money makes the world go round and everything ends up being about money. You can test this theory by thinking about any subject you like and finding the pathway to the money and seeing how it obscures the pure nature of it. Databases have lots of purposes; some more sinister than others, but money is one of the biggest. Selling the personal information of millions of people is a huge business. Imagine a site where everyone volunteers to give over there personal info right down to their most guarded private secrets! Oh, wait! Facebook is still 'free', right?!

As an example of CCTV. The UK has some of the most widespread in the world. I can't remember exact figures but you cannot make a journey without being monitored for something like 98% of your trip and that was a while ago, its probably higher now.. This has been in place for over a decade now.

The homeless situation is scary. It is terrifying to think about what some 'humans' are capable of doing. At the very least these 'people' (if you can call them that) are blinded by their hunt for power and control and lose all of their apathy, if they had any to start with.

There are stories of orphanages that receive visits by high powered people on a regular basis. Children are either regularly abused or disappear. Allegations like these have been going on for decades, are well documented and receive very little response or action taken. One thing this situation has in common with the homeless is a lack of registered, accounted for, human beings!

Finally, I love the cut the cord stuff. I totally agree. My family and I have been traveling for 9 years now and have left broadcast TV behind. It's interesting when you go back home and everyone bases there schedule on the TV stations. Watching BBC fake news like zombies!

Thanks for posting and highlighting these issues.



It is a scary world we live in when it comes to privacy @goldendawne really enjoyed your read.

So glad to have traveled in the 1970's when everything appeared more sane. Visiting London a couple of years ago friends pointed out how many cameras are watching you from corner to corner.

Now we get to emails being triggered by certain words worldwide alerting the 'powers that be'.

Tracking on phones, yes privacy has gone from the minute you are literally born, you are numbered then they wait and watch.

Parents have to be more pro-active by not putting up posts about family (especially children) in places like Facebook, it is a horror show all on it's own.

My mother some time ago, dropped a big hint that there is native "blood" in our immediate ancestry, so I looked into one of those ancestry sites and something triggered a red flag...sure enough, when I read the fine print, they had total control over my DNA. No thanks.

I told my boys there'd be no free post-secondary schooling for them haha

Thanks for the very worthwhile post. Always read what you're signing!

There is no privacy anymore. You are correct, as soon as we pick up our smart phone or computers we are found. As curious as I am to find out more about my ancestors, but still not willing to give up the last piece of my privacy. Great post. 🐓🐓