Non profit .org sold to private entity, here are decentralized alts

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In case you haven't heard about it, DOT ORG has fallen, and should no longer be seen as a usable top level domain.


Here are decentralized, and unstoppable alternatives that I know

EOSNameService, EOS

  • Starting at $10
  • One-Time payment forever
  • 40+ domain endings available
  • Browser extension for resolving
  • IPFS ready

Unstoppable Domains, ZIL & ETH

  • Starting at $20
  • One-Time payment forever
  • DOT ZIL (Zil chain), DOT CRYPTO (ETH)
  • IPFS Ready


  • Starting at 0.035 ETH
  • Paid per year
  • Browser extension
  • IPFS Ready

So there are good alternatives, I prefer one-time payments over a subscription model however.

Would you buy a blockchain based domain? What would you use it for?

👍Free BTC 🤩 ➕ Free Lottery 🤑 ➕ 4.08% Interest APR 🤯 ➕ DICE 🎲 ➕ WIN a Lambo 🔥


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