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We are pleased to announce that the @dolphincouncil is now live following our last post where our constitution was put to a successful vote live on the steem blockchain.

The constitution below is now adopted and we will move forward to formulating motions that the founding members would like to support. You can join in the discussion in our discord group.

Our members together control 774,226 steem power and include 45 Dolphin+ Accounts. What we do with that collective power will be decided by all members in an open, democratic and transparent manner. You can still join if you haven't done so already.

Adopted Constitution V 1.0

Aims; the Dolphin Council exists to promote people and projects that help enrich the user experience for all users on the steem blockchain

1.a Users; are stakeholders, content creators and ultimate consumers of the steem blockchain.

1.b Enrichment; means to take and support actions which add value to the steem blockchain.

Membership Requirements;. Types of members;

1a. Founding Members; are all those who meet the Full Membership requirements and who voted for the genesis constitution before that post paid out its reward. The steem blockchain user names of those accounts are included in this founding post with this first ratified constitution

1b. Full Members; membership requires the account's wallet contains 5000 (or greater) in Steem Power at all times. All those who meet the full membership requirements and confirm their desire to join at any time by creating a post using the #dolphincouncil tag, or by resteeming this post and commenting #cosign to be a Full Member. You will the be registered as a Full Member by the Council.

1c. Other types of non-voting memberships; Full members can pass a motion to allow in a sub-set of users or a single user. These types of members currently include:

1c.a Friends of the Council; are users who support the constitution of the Council and have stated this on the steem blockchain. Users can do this by resteeming this post from their account on the steem blockchain and commenting #cosign. Usernames of these accounts that commented #cosign on the genesis post before the post paid out its reward are included in this founding post with the first ratified constitution

Anyone who meets the membership requirements for any type of membership, cannot be denied the same membership benefits as all other members of that type.

Membership benefits; all Full Members and Founding Members can:

1a. call a vote by creating a post with #dolphincouncil-motion; and

1b. cast a single vote ;

Friends of the council; may have temporary benefits, such as votings rights for specific motion only as put forward by a Full Member. Any other permanent benefits can be added by way of a change to the constitution

Voting; Only two types of votes can be called and only members with voting rights as stated in this constitution can vote, each eligible member will have one vote:

1.a General motions; need greater than 50% majority (50% quorum) and can suggest an idea that members are encouraged to follow

1.b Special motions; are able to change this constitution and need a greater than 75% majority (75% quorum)


This constitution is co-signed by the following Founding Members:
@lyndsaybowes, @delishtreats, @nanosesame, @livinguktaiwan, @soyrosa, @jznsamuel, @lordnigel, @nateaguila, @schlafhacking, @axeman, @nuthman, @htliao, @reinhard-schmid, @sumatranate, @niallon11, @solarwarrior, @ksteem, @runicar, @tattoodjay, @patrickulrich, @rondras, @galenkp, @novacadian, @kgbinternational, @roundbeargames, @abitcoinskeptic, @carlpei, @jeezzle, @enginewitty, @edicted, @underground, @daan, @waphilip, @krnel, @holger80, @blanchy, @newageinv, @thenightflier, @emrebeyler, @c0ff33a, @mindtrap, @rakkasan84, @imacryptorick, @amico, @kabir88

We would also like to thank and welcome the following members who join as Friends of the Council:
@mineopoly, @wilhb81, @keithboone, @prasasth, @doze, @psos, @braaiboy, @yasu24, @suzana72, @feelsogood, @iris2356, @shredz7, @enforcer48, @portugalcoin, @favcau, @nnnarvaez, @josephsavage, @voxmortis, @cryptoandcoffee, @bayeco06, @impactn, @bashadow, @anthonyadavisii

The future of the steem blockchain is bright, join us and let's work together to make change that benefits us all!


[Authored by @kabir88]

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Rhetorical question: would you evaluate Jeff Bezos' wealth by looking at his personal bank account instead of his Amazon holdings?

I discussed at length establishing a better membership definition while the charter was still being discussed, and I was fully assured in the discord that I would be a founding member if I registered the @steembasicincome account in the Discord (proof of keys), which I did. Then because I signed the constitution from my own account (because I'm joining as myself, not as @steembasicincome) I'm listed as a 'friend of the council' instead of listed as a 'founding member.'

So even during working group, things that should be defined in the charter were not defined, relying instead on verbal assurances which have not come to fruition. If you can't even properly define who can be a member with active feedback from somebody who spends a lot of time designing incentives around edge cases and potential abuse...

At this time, I have zero confidence in this dolphin council ever making an impact on Steem.


AS A "founding member" and admin in the discord, I do recall that discussion. I do not explicitly recall an exact ruling spelled out that stated that @josephsavage would be recognized as such, but I agree that you should be and I support that you be deemed as such. Please let us adjourn the discussion to the discord, where it can be handled in the same venue where it was started.
Edit: OOPS, I see that I have also used an Alt acct., instead of @underground LOL!


^^^ I Approve this message ^^^




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I am very pleased to see this all come together. One more collective type voice to let steem, and steemit inc, know when there is a problem that should be looked at.

As the steemalliance also gets up and running another voice, to add. I hope other groups and communities can come up with a similar system as the dolphincouncil.

A single small voice is easy to get lost in a crowd, when you have two or three or more crowds all speaking as one with one voice then that single voice can be amplified many times over.

I read that and I don't understand what the vision of what you try you accomplish.

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#cosign as well, interesting concept

Glad to be part of this awesome community

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Look forward to the next step and deciding which efforts will be those we can start to support! There are many projects starting and worth the support as the ecosystem prepares for additional growth and adoption!

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Congratulations to a successful start. I'm curious, where this will take us and hope this will have the positive impact on the steem community we all hope to see.


I am all for "positive" - too much negative stuff has been happening lately. Glad I found this post on a friends wall and cosigned before it expired.

This looks promising. Glad to know about it.

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That was like 4 day s ago........... hahahahahahahaha

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Better late than never. Life happens bro

All the best to the council and bringing Steem to the moon :D

#cosign but share the same views as @josephsavage. There will be abuse potential and as such, amendments will need be implemented and we'll see beyond v1.0.

Secondly, to make an impact, we would collectively have to stand behind various projects, say for instance @heyhaveyamet from @xcountytravelers that fosters new interesting Steempeeps. Just a thought 😎

Count me in!