The Next Wave of #Debt Monetization Will Also Be A Disaster (RTD #News Update)

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The Next Wave of Debt Monetization Will Also Be A Disaster.JPG

According to the #IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the IIF (Institute of International finance) global debt has soared to a new record high. The level of #government #debt around the world has ballooned since the financial crisis, reaching levels never seen before during peacetime. This has happened in the middle of an unprecedented monetary experiment that injected more than $20 trillion in the economy and lowered interest rates to the lowest levels seen in decades. The balance sheet of the major central #banks rose to levels never seen before, with the Bank Of #Japan at 100% of the country’s #GDP, the ECB at 40% and the #FederalReserve at 20%.

Find out more from this RTD news update here:

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