Tao of DiscDog | Now Shipping - 5 More Days for Autographed Copies

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We're working with Colorpage, a local printer/publisher in Kingston, NY. This is the 2nd book I've done with them. Da Hu and the La approve of the snappy, fast delivery.

Each book (until Jan 13) is signed and numbered by the author in oil based ink on the rear cover and an ink inscription accompanies it on the inside of the fly page. Inscriptions and numbered copies will be wrapping up soon...

The Books arrived last week, unexpectedly fast. Less than 30 hours from NY to sunny FLA. I got prepped with sweet poofy mailers: copies 0-50 are shipped in black. 50-100 are in purple. 100+ and 2 book orders are shipped in hot pink.
So the books are getting signed, packed up and shipped out. But not before they get a little dressing up. Loving the gold and silver text, but will be moving on with the next 50...Putting together the orders in numbered fashion and no printing process to speak of is a delicate operation. Considerable time and organization went into this solo shipping endeavor.

The silver autograph only happened on Books #11-20 and 31-40. I decided to stay with gold after the initial 50. Both looked great, but you really can't beat that gold... :-)

Last night I worked on getting all the books signed, invoices stuffed, and sealed up the domestic packages. Today was all day on the shipping stuff - data manual data entry and printing. It was a joy, let me tell you. heh...

I used paypal's multi-order shipping set up with USPS Media Mail and a spiffy hand me down printer. It was a great solution for US shipping. Not kidding: super simple to execute. I will be looking into something to interface with paypal a bit deeper. It was pretty simple to ship but it was a bit clunky to do manually.

International shipping I'll find out about tomorrow. Gulp...

Here is where the magic happened... the packages against the wall are international orders ready to be shipped. The little printer worked great. Thanks Ginga!

Here are the American books all ready to go. Tomorrow we'll get the international stuff together. And we have a couple of very special orders to fulfill.

There is kind of a color coded system. Black is books #1-50ish. Purple is 50-100, and hot pink are 100+ or orders of 2 books.

Stay tuned for more...

4 days to get your autographed and numbered copy of the Tao of DiscDog by Ron Watson

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