Epic Far Out Rollers | Moondoggie & Flutie Achievements

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Some long rollers and a Flutie Achievement in this demo round of UpDog Challenge's Far Out cumulative distance disc dog contest with Ron Watson & Epic.

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Flutie Achievement

The Flutie Achievement is a special one. Let me explain real quick:
All throws count towards your total distance. Longest total distance wins.

2 Rounds of Play:
Triple Threat Round
- 3 throws or 90 seconds whatever comes first.

Sweet Shot Round - After the triple shot round, the player may elect to throw a Sweet Shot. The Sweet Shot replaces the shortest throw from the Triple Threat round - even if it's a miss and zero points.

The Flutie Achievement is when all three throws in the Triple Threat are caught, the Sweet Shot is caught, and the Sweet Shot is the furthest of them all.


The Moondoggie Achievement is pretty epic too. Between 239.5 and <275 points in a single round earns a Moondoggie. That is the top percentile. It's a pretty good score. Going for the Flutie in this round was pretty aggressive. Not sure I would have went for it or not if it were a real contest, as we were sitting at a respectable 235 yards, which was the qualifying minimum for the 2019 UpDog International Finals.

It's hard to go for broke, risking an 80 point drop in score, when you're sitting on a world qualifying number in a single round. I totally would have done it to beat Gary though, and surely would give it a shot late in the season.

Going for a Moondoggie might also be enough to make one want to go for broke and risk it all.

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