#Wolfdog - It was tasty, the very first meal!

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Today it is chicken liver on the menu.
I like it too, but although it is #tasty-Tuesday it is not meant for me 😭.

I bought it for the wolfdogs.
It is healthy and it can make predators fatter in a short time. Great if your ferret, cat or dog need to gain some extra weight.

Also for us humans it would be better if we ate it more frequently or should I say again? As I was a kid it was a normal part of the menu, nowadays hardly anyone in the Western world is eating it (same with (brown) beans).
Chicken liver with a sauce/gravy of curry is great, but fried with onions and mushrooms makes a healthy and tasty meal as well.

For the dogs it is served raw.
I can save me the extra work. Cooked meals are less healthy.
Since the pups are 4 weeks old I decided to try out if they are able to eat.
They have teeth plus both showed interest in their mom's food.

I will not buy canned dogfood. It is less healthy plus way more expensive as meat and bones.

I did cut the liver into smaller pieces with a pair of scissors. I did so because 2 of the adults are just swallowing and it sometimes takes them into trouble doing so.

At first I just gave a small part. If they were not able to eat it yet I could have the rest (after a life of eating the left overs of my children, now I eat the left overs of my dogs...). Well I could forget about my meal. Nothing was left for me.

It took some time (less as a minute) to figure out where it was, but once found...

My very first youtube videos. Just made. It is not the greatest who, but still nice to see.

The pictures are made by me with my smartphone Samsung J5.

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I also grew up with liver and onions... Cute pups! I treat my cat to liver every once in a while...

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Great you treat you cat on it. It is way healthier as the fabricated snacks.

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Yeah, I try to make her a big pot of livers, rice, chicken, carrots, potatoes and freeze it to thaw out to her at least once a week..

I agree the store bought stuff is trash, unless you buy the top shelf 10USD a kilo stuff, but as much as I love my kitty I'm not able to spend more on her than myself. And I'm not sure I trust the high dollar stuff either.

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