Dog days in Vietnam

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So the other day our area got turned into a "green zone" but the devastation that the government put on the supply chain is something that can't recover quickly from. I think a lot of us take things like this for granted but it is going to be a while before the stores and restaurants even have access to a great deal of the things that are required for them to even be open.

The small supermarkets have what they have and they can't give you any timeline as to when they will have the other things again because they have no idea. It could be weeks before we have milk again because the government shut down the only major manufacturer of fresh milk in the area that I am in along with all the other businesses.

Restaurants that are open have very limited menus and the other day I ordered a burger and the beef they used had clearly been frozen for a long time, which isn't surprising but also wasn't particularly tasty.

It didn't stop Nadi from wanting some of it

It was better than the zero takeaway that I have been having for the past month so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

I am very fortunate that I moved to my new condo before this new lockdown went into effect because it is considerably more comfortable especially the sofa, which I of course have to share with Nadi because just like at our old places, she has claimed one of the corners for herself.


She can be seen over there nodding in and out of slumber for most of the day but I don't know if your dog is like this or not but for reasons I can not understand she will tired of sitting there and move over to one of her other beds, one of which I recently moved here from the other condo.


She will normally only sit in this thing, that I call her "hot tub" when I am on the sofa. I think she gets irritated because I start cutting into her space by selfishly wanting to sit on the sofa as well.

There is another thing about this condo that I like that Nadi definitely does NOT like. This condo is the first place that I have ever lived in Asia that has a bathtub in it. I don't know how it is in Japan or China but for all SE Asian countries that I have lived in and visited, tubs are a rarity.


Nadi was never one of those doggies that tries to run away from a bath. She is very obedient, but of course she would prefer to never have one, no matter how stinky she gets. So she is a little less than thrilled about the fact that this is here. It does make washing her considerably less time consuming though but since the doggy groomers are closed and my doggy clippers recently exploded because I used the incorrect plug to charge them, it takes a long time to dry her.

So for now, it doesn't look like we are going anywhere for a while, the government is sill being very tight-lipped on if the airports are going to open or not and they haven't given any sort of timeline.

I think their next objective is going to be to vaccinate everyone and I have mixed feeling about all of that. Time will tell. In the meantime Nadi has plenty of comfy places to lie down at least!


Nadi is like Van Cat. Maybe you know that Van Cats have also likes water.

By the way, our country's anti-vaxxers demonstrated yesterday 🤦🏻‍♀️ They do not believe in science.

what country are you in? I think people are protesting Vaccine passports, not vaccines.

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