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I hate those fuckers. Especially when I'm almost asleep at 5 am and my cat comes inside with one of those attached to his skin.

Here in Venezuela they call him a garrapata. You usually get stuck when you go for walks in the countryside. I understand that there are vaccines. For that. and some shampoo also the detail is that you must bathe it outside the house, those shampoos have a very strong smell


I bought Ninnu some tablets that make Ninnu's blood poisonous to the ticks so that they die and fall off. We must give her one tablet per month to keep it effective. The veterinarian said that the tablets are safe for the dog but not for the ticks.

There are two diseases carried by ticks in Finland, Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), there have also been reports of the siberian tbe, which is said to be more dangerous.

I have a bit mixed feelings about these, since the true figures of infections per bites are quite low, but I guess it's still smart to protect pets from them, because ticks can easily spread to humans via proxy.


If you are right about those tablets, I know what they are. another thing I recommend you check the spaces where she usually spends time if they are hot corners, it is there where the garrapas usually fall and resgurdar, I say it as a precaution that they do not spread.

En mi idioma: Muchas Gracias amigo Jaro.

The trick is to get it off without leaving the head behind. We were in Northern Natal a few years ago and were warned of red ticks as they were the ones that carried the fever.

Really nasty little bastards. In Africa we get some of those that will kill you so we check for them all the time in summer. When they do bite we rub them with methylated spirits, they really don't like that and it kills them most of the time.

if it is very common when they get too much for the grass, I hate all kinds of arachnids but especially ticks, I hope you can kill them all :) Good luck with the hunting.

That's bloodsucker bug...