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RE: WOW! MUCH ENDORSEMENT! John McAfee Selects Dogecoin as Coin of the Week on Twitter

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Wow, I can't believe John McAfee actually tweeted this and you have over 10K views in 8 hours but aren't getting votes. I've upvoted this and spread it around steemspeak for you.

Nice one!


Thanks for the support! I've found that many people (boring, humorless people, no doubt) love to hate on McAfee, and when I cover him my work is affected. I have, in the past, received threats after publishing similar pieces. Thankfully, for all involved, I have an ace up my sleeve: I simply don't give a damn ;-)

McAfee is great! Humor is a sign of intelligence. Perhaps that is what they dislike?

I agree he's awesome. Can't wait for him to eat his own dick like he promised.

Nice post. Love it! Also the video on Hitler hates Dogecoin is hilarious too. Guess crypto is in an intressting period right now. Everyone has to decide by himself which people he follows and what decision he thinks are the best. In the end its everys persons own money on the line.
Its the year of the Dog oh wait i meant Doge :) oh wait maybe a week. xD

Where does the money come from?

What money? has he edited his post or something?

One addition, Do you know we have the guy called The Needle Drop on steemit now?

The big youtuber who just joined our platform is @theneedledrop, also known as Anthony Fantano. Anthony has over 1.2 million subscribers over youtube and he is so big he even has his own wikipedia page.

I saw that on this post

That is a lot of massive media attention to steemit. We are getting there.

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