Oh my god! doge coin just took off like a rocket

in doge •  7 months ago

Remember this little guy? Yeah, you are not alone, almost everyone forgot about him. He came out swinging today though by almost doubling his worth in just about a 48 hour period. I was looking at this a couple days ago telling myself to buy about 20,000 units of doge but I decided not to as it was only moving sideways. I should have trusted my gut, I am very sad because of it today. perhapse someday i will have a ton of money to sink into alt coins but for today I will cry myself to sleep knowing I missed out on doubling my money.

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I have no Doge holdings but I am happy for the holders, go Doge!

Oh boy! Even I thought of purchasing 100 coins but avoided. I'm not sad but there's a hint of anger and it's just 10:07 am in here. My morning is going in the wrong direction.

My four dollars in Doge nearly doubled in value, I quickly converted over to Steem a few hours ago. I too, was thinking about getting around 20k Doge recently, and changed my mind. I am screaming as it is still going up!

That's how it goes though. I've been playing around for quite some time now, doing conversions between Doge and Steem, with the goal to make profits in Steem, thus far, Doge tends to work well with the swings of Steem, and I've done alright trading between the two. Good luck to you with future trades. To the moon!

i newly known that,
i will search about it
thnks for the post

alot of doge shorter from 1 day ago got rekt so bad.. lol.... yeah.. i'm happy for the doge run... go doge!!! wuff!!