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in dog •  15 days ago 

She crossed the rainbow yesterday and she is happy again.
No more pain, no more meds, she doesn't have to fight any more.
She fought hard until the very last second. She didn't want to go but I had to say goodbye...
Hopefully she found a happy place already.

I am a wreck, emotional wreck right now and I am ok being here for a while but I want to do something special for my her and I don't know what to do for her... just full of emptiness.

Are you smiling now? Love always ❤️

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What a sweet picture. Bless her heart. I wish you recollection of lots of fond memories in the days to come.

Sorry to hear that. <3

I am sorry for your loss.. I have been through this. NOT an easy thing to go through. My wife and I often say it was harder to lose our dog than our grandmother. We hurt more and I think it is that they become so intertwined in our daily lives. They are our kids! It is a tragedy to lose a child. It appears your doggo led a long life.

I bet you have lots of memories and pictures. It helped us to take the time to cry, then we put some of our favorite pictures in frames, then place them in the spots we remember she loved to be in. Even on the floor. After a while we put the framed photos up on tables and near the sink where we get ready in the morning. like normal

I hope you find peace and comfort in knowing you were the best Dad that you could be to your pup. Your girl is in good hands now.. I believe it with all of my heart. Again, so very sorry.