Me, that means myself, at my full splendor

in #dog2 months ago

I mean, how can anyone compete with that monstrous size? I am like a little dinosaur, or so says my human, and to be honest (I mean, us dogs can't tell lies, we don't understand the concept) I kind of wish I was one. Then my human could ride me everywhere and she wouldn't need to spend money on gas or a car payment every month, and I wouldn't be left alone with her dad and mom every time she had to go out.

We could ride everywhere together and I could protect her from anything and everything, all perils would be beyond and she would be unreachable.

But now I'm dreaming, this is just a picture of me hugging my human's father, and when she mentioned to him that she was uploading it to Steemit I got very happy and proud, happy to see how much she loves my size, and proud that every other steemit dog would see how big and strong I am.

As always, my human decided to blur her father's face so the attention is on me and only on me.

That day my friend the Belgian Shepherd came to visit because her owner came to visit my human.

Those days are fun, I enjoy when we have a full house and I get to be the center of attention, at least for a little while.