Why we are shouting about the Dr Who Feminist Front (In all its forms!)

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Why we are shouting about the Dr Who Feminist Front (In all its forms!)


The Doctor taught us it’s wrong to impose on others, even if you feel justified.
Using MeToo Allegations to gain power & advantage is wrong: and it’s also exploiting victims:
Not helping them!

THE POLICE are who you have a moral and legal duty to talk to, and you should do that, now, immediately, and prove that publicly, ideally by posting crime numbers once cases are formally started.

Yes, bring forward such accusations if justified by testimony or evidence.

But taking revenge on past abusers by turning the show into a fuck you to them and everyone else is wrong. It makes you no better to turn the show into an advert for your survivors cult. It doesn't make you better than anyone else and it doesn't make other people evil or your enemies. It is not the stories fault if a writer is a criminal. Even more for producers, directors, or social media people. The world is full of non criminals who would have done the job: but we understand victims themselves can be too traumatised and intimidated to say anything themselves, and if that applies to some of you years later, there are other better ways to deal with that anger. Many words of Capaldi's Doctor immediately spring to mind.

You've made a show based on that revenge, but you haven't understood why Jodie doesn't work. You know what you want her to represent, and some of it is pretty stalky and predatory sounding behaviour: someone should tell you that. But you don't really know what you want her doctor to be or do or say other than be that idealised icon. Jodie herself doesn’t understand the show at all well, based on what she told David Tenannt, and her own words describe going into scenes completely blind to what she was aiming to achieve, and just being told to get on with it. Its no wonder her performance has been such a huge disconnect.

You forgot to actually make GOOD doctor who as a COVER for what you were up to behind the scenes, so busy have you been strategizing its demolition. By doing so you left huge red flags only the wilfully blind can ignore. We are not going to accept a Doctor Yaz Lesbian relationship and we will raise such a stink between now and January if the BBC shows it the country will turn against them. You have NO IDEA how dangerous using the show to say fuck you to the Islamic patriarchy is in the current climate, and we wonder if MI5 has an opinion on whether that’s a smart plan?

True some of you do want the BBC destroyed: but the BBC could just shelve it and not show it at all if we raise enough controversy.

We will not let you advance your agenda any further unopposed, nor will we ever be silenced, or go away. We deal in TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY: you absolutely cannot and dare not: and that is why our Victory is certain. You cannot match our energy, nor stand scrutiny, and we cannot be intimidated.

Yes, we want the BBC to respond to this, and other Media:

However, both are in many ways corrupt. (*Haven't you heard? They are all #FAKENEWS!)

The BBC has the whole country turning against it for its EU brainwashing, it’s turned on the pensioners, it’s absolutely doomed politically, the licence fee is probably kaput at this point, there’s an open rebellion going on (The LAWFUL kind!)

So, we also are prepared to resolve this situation DIRECTLY with you.

If you are prepared to treat with us, a way forward is possible:

It would be based on allegations being made to proper authorities which we can then support with campaign action: which we really can deliver!

And on a peace treaty where, as long as you are not culpable personally for anything criminal, you can have your say in the show: but we will ensure the WHOLE fanbase has writers and creatives they have confidence in also equally involved in Doctor Who creatively: and ALL MeToo stories will be told, so we can recognise, society has corrupted people to do bad things and that has effected the show.
One thing we can agree on: the BBC has not been a good guardian of the franchise.
If they had, this would not be where we are today:
It turns to us then to ask the question:
As a fanbase, men, women, young, old, can we take care of the show BETTER?
Up the revolution sisters?
Sure we are game

There is a Great Awakening going on
Haven’t you noticed more and more people don’t buy the bullshit?
We challenge you:
Take a risk: and TALK
When it comes to (R)Evolution, #NotMyDoctorWho are experts!

OUR PDF PUBLISHED FEB 2019 "Doctor Who Feminist Front Exposed

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