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The pretend progressive party aka the Democratic Party has quite the dilemma on its hands. It's the problem you get when you gaslight your base once too often. The DNC are experts at virtual signalling while consistently pandering to their corporate donors. In reality, there is very little difference between the DNC and the Republican party – one party brands itself with pink hair and a rainbow badge, the other defines itself by wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a gun. On most policies of substance- there is no difference.
Neither party has the welfare of the people they purport to represent at heart unless those people are wealthy donors with links to Big Pharma, the Military Industrial Complex, New Tech or a handful of multinationals with deep pockets.
The Republicans have their own set of problems caused by the havoc and disruption that the Trump Train has wrought upon their internal workings, but compared to the Democrats, they're on easy street.
That's because the DNC has well and truly let the cat(s) out of the bag.
That's what happens when you run a corrupt Primary campaign that not only leveraged off the raw enthusiasm of the Sanders supporters to create the illusion of interest in the DNC's chosen candidate Hillary Clinton but made every attempt to influence the vote in a variety of ways including voter roll purges, cheating in debates, press manipulation of coverage and even premature announcements of victory in California. For some reason, the DNC elites expected Bernie's supporters to fall in line and vote for their chosen Neo-Liberal queen.

Anyone with half a working synapse could see that that was not going to happen.

The DNC for reasons that still remain unclear, though that they could herd those cats into line. They've been trying for eighteen months and every day it seems that there are more and more cats to be herded. They still don't get it.
The DNC has been exposed for the corporate money grabbing party of war whore that it is and true progressives have deserted it in droves. They don't look like coming back.

One of the really interesting subplots in this train wreck has been the slow disintegration of TYT (The Young Turks). TYT were big backers of Sanders during the primaries and gave seemingly grudging support to Clinton upon her nomination. However, after the Trump election, all pretence of even-handed analysis has gone out the window. This switch in tone and emphasis occurred around the same time that TYT received $20 million in venture capital from DNC king maker Jeffrey Katzenberg.
It could be coincidental..about as coincidental as the Steel Dossier having been funded by the DNC, but there is no doubt that it has had an effect upon the TYT audience, many of whom see TYT as selling out to the corporate arm of the Democratic party.

Undeterred, Cenk Uygur, host and creator of the TYT brand still sees his media company as being progressive as evidenced by this tweet.


Now, I have no doubt about Cenk's intentions, but given a taste of Corporate money, Cenk has lost his credibility and a large part of his audience. Many of the rusted on Bernie or bust people simply can't stomach the show or its continued parroting of the Russian collusion delusion. Cenk and the TYT crew (with the exception of Jimmy Dore) simply refuse to see that they've lost the people that they desperately need to be relevant.

The more that they double down on the DNC talking points the more they alienate people who have had a taste of what the corrupt DNC offers and simply refuse to buy.

It would appear that the courting of TYT was a deliberate strategy put in place by the DNC to “capture” the young progressive vote. The trouble is that this generation that remembers Occupy Wall Street and dared to dream with the Sanders campaign simply won't accept the same old same old.

To court them from within the DNC is like trying to herd a bunch of pretty cool cats.

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