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My only concern is I have no liquid money to scoop up more at this bargain. I fight myself daily from cashing out my other investment and going all in on Steem. I force myself to stay diversified. Contrary to what many are thinking, I kind of hope it stays like this through the end of next month so I can get more, or maybe even fall more, lol.


Me too. I don't understand this panic. Being able to buy more STEEM is what a lot of us have been waiting for.

lol I'm not even paying attention to the price XD

Why, should I be?

No matter how loss, if we can see Green candles :D


LOL! Yeah, that was me a little while ago for sure.

I'm scared. I don't know if Steem will keep going down below $1. :( I have a lot of savings in SP and I don't want them to become dust in the wind. I still have faith that Steem will rise but this seems so further away everyday.


It gives me feelings of uncertainty at times as well. My view is we are just following the market for the most part. I don't think Bitcoin is dead, still getting too much attention.

I feel pretty confident that as crypto rises, Steem will rise as well. (Chants this to self at night)


"Steem will rise as well. (Chants this to self at night)" Well there's your problem. I think you're supposed to offer a chicken to the crypto gods too.


Dear Whatsup,

I sold when prices were high, and people called me an ignoble traitor. What am I to do?


Buy back in at the bottom. Pat yourself on the back! Nicely done.

Compared to things like the S&P 500 or forex, the crypto space is minisclule and thinly traded so traders who rely on Japanese candlesticks or other technical analysis might as well use a Magic 8-Ball.

Meh, I’m here for the long haul. Maybe I’ll take profits and do some trading when the crypto markets are a hundred times larger than they are now.


Yeah, I think it is hog wash too, but fun to watch. :) I've been out of town and I needed to break the postingfast.

As I read the newest issues, I'll have a more interesting post.


I am using a magical analysis. .. with a technical ball. .

Damn. In Power Rangers, the Green Ranger's life force or whatever was dependent on this Green Candle.

Once the Green Candle burnt out, the Green Ranger lost his powers.

I just know there's a great joke/90s pop culture reference (one of the things I live for) in here somewhere.


Let's go green candle...

hahah every green is a slight hope right there right now

Well all the traders motivation, inspiration and many more things is that green candle lolz

I have faith it's going to eventually rise, and the great thing about faith, is that it's ok that I can't explain it either haha


Right now the market is manipulated by speculators for the ETF approval! ;)

Now the game is in the hands of big traders when they want up trend they do as theost of the big part of bitcoin is lying with them. As and when they want to move any trend , they do. So now no certainty in the crypto market.