Finally Got Approved for Steemit Account!

in dmania •  last year 
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omg haha lolxz dude


Can't believe how long the passwords are, it took me 5 minutes to retype it!


Well, the idea is that any passowrd that can be memorized isn't good enough.... Though if it were me I'll make password easy to memories but too long to bother hack.

hahah funny

haha that was funny



lol made me laugh, almost happened to me!! hahha


I thought that I lost mine when I first signed up, but thankfully it was saved in my browser and I was able to get it back!

I immediately saved it after getting account approval. Sorry for them who already forgot.



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the funny thing is that is exactly what happened to me hahahahahaha


same here xD

this nearly happened to me haha

It took me 3 days to get approved

actually been there, done that.

Can't stop laughing at this.

Lol rookie mistake. What is rule #1 of steemit?

hahaha fun
UV me

Hahaha..relate much

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been there

I wrote my password in sharpie on my wall then painted over it so no one will find it

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i am so lucky i have a clipboard app on my phone that goes back for months lol

funny though

Trust me man,
I am laughing since last 10 minutes and I cannot explain my colleagues the joke.

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True 😂😂😂

It no joke took me 4 months to finally get approved for a steemit account. I had friends do it months later and approved before me.

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Oh God, I just got access yesterday and immediately put my password in 2 places. I wanted to be sure I would not be screwed. :O

I'm pretty sure this was my exact face one time when I did this. But I had bought the account through anon steem then.

I had similar story. Waiting for 3weeks after registering. Was waiting patiently for my password.

Ouch!! that hits very hard.... Hopefully it only happens to those not really invested in the syste-- No that's worse!!