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All to true

hot a fun post


You're not the real Angelina Jolie! ( `ε´ )

good post

I mean at least the you is getting laid


It is not consensual, but the government screws me daily!


How did ye olde saying go? Lie down and think of England

What's one of the worst fears of Americans? Getting an envelope in the mail from those bastards and it's NOT a refund check. The face turns white, the heart sinks to the stomach, the knees buckle, the hands sweat, the blood pressure goes up. You don't know if you want to open it or commit suicide. People should not be in fear of their government, and the IRS morons are absolutely the worst bunch of henchmen.

OK - you made me laugh...till it hurts...

just figuring this out ? old news. takes forever for the fuckers to croak and when they do its a stinking mess. sooner the sun explodes the better.