RPG on Steem: (IBT) Interactive Battle Tournament pays Battle! Creative Writing Gets Paid Here!

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4/5/2018 Update: Take a look at this video for new info on the next IBT #5: https://steemit.com/contest/@lordnigel/y7bwrhzq

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I made this gif, but the original art work the comes from: @spaceginger

Sorry, I'm not sorry that I haven't been authoring new posts. I've been spending time smacking spammers and writing a story in a Dungeons and Dragons style RPG game series here on Steem.

Above is a picture of my character, Angel Food, holding two items that assist him along the way. I earned to battle trophies and purchase items.

Enrollment Here: https://steemit.com/contest/@lordnigel/interactive-battle-tournament-4-enrol-for-the-bestest-easy-way-to-win-steem

Click on any of these banners to go directly to the enrollment post.

@lordnigel and friends are running a really cool game called IBT (Interactive Battle Tournament. It's a game you can win. Participants and viewers can upvote each of the stories and responses you've added in comments.

Got it? Check it:

  • Reply to the post containing details of the stage your character has entered.
  • Add a fun and interesting reply in the form of a story about your character approaching the enemy.
  • Send the reply and create another reply to that previous reply and call upon the objective game bot using the various gameplay by commands. The bot's name is https://steemit.com/@schopenhauer There is another favorite bot for this task called "rollthedice"
  • Wait for a response to see if you win and then wait for the post to payout. Soon after, @lordnigel will send you Steem!
  • Get paid to play.
  • Get paid to improve your writing skills while expressing your creativity.
  • Help curate this investment we all call Steem.

That's a very general approach to it, but if you've ever played these games before, you know the devils are in the details.

My Character:

I created a character named Angel Food. I elaborate on his experience and his story while trying to make it sound like a novel.

I created the GIF above to show Angel Food casting !magicblast.
Angel Foods characteristics:

If you like writing short stories and having fun with the rest of the community in a healthy way, check it out: https://steemit.com/contest/@lordnigel/interactive-battle-tournament-4-dadotoci-campaign-map

Better Explanations:

• This nice guy @doughtaker created an elaborate post about the game. It's new so check it out and give it an upvote: https://steemit.com/writing/@doughtaker/the-unofficial-ibt-book-of-universal-records

• This nice guy @canadianrenegade created an elaborate post about the game too. Go give it an upvote: https://steemit.com/contest/@canadianrenegade/interactive-battle-tournament-have-fun-promote-steemit-and-win-steem

Big Thanks!

I personally want to thank all the people that made this game work. The following Steem neighbors have a lot to be proud of:

@spaceginger I hope it's cool I used your image. Are you gonna make any more? :)

Angel Food's Origins:

My First Time:

These are some of the fun and not fun epic-ish battles Angel Food has encountered while participating with IBT.

Stage 1 Battle Collage!

Read the tiny text:

Stage 2 Battle Collage!

Stage 3 Battle Collage!

Angel Food creates another dragon to battle a dragon in this one. I hope we can read this.

Stage 4 Battle Collage!

Stage 5 Battle Collage!

Angel Food gets sodomized and flattened into the bog by peasants and a fuckin dragon booger!

Stage 6 Battle Collage!

Final Boss Round!

Death Match is underway! Players call upon a bot that generates a random number between 1 and 6.

Angel Food and his comrades are hypnotized into fighting each other.

PVP is Real!

Angel Food slaughters a third comrade!

The death match is not over.

Another comrade succumbs to Angel Food power. (lucky dice bot)

Can Angel Food be stopped? Check the comment section of this final stage to see what happens next: https://steemit.com/contest/@lordnigel/interactive-battle-tournament-4-boss-round

It's not over yet!

Look for the Next IBT!

Thanks for reading!


Are you sure you didn't pay off the dice bot? :D

Lol, it looked like I did with all those high first rolls. It's fun!
By the way, look whose talking. You just rolled a 6!
Angel Food has tricks though.

Yeah, and I thought that I would win for sure but you rolled a 6 too....

I was scared. 😋

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