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Beep! Beep! @shadow3scalpel at your service. I am here to assist all military members on Steemit. This HumVee will be scouting posts from a list of Veterans that is maintained by @chairborne. If you are a Veteran and new to Steemit, and you have questions or want to join the Veterans community, reply to this comment. We got your six, unless you are in the rear with the gear. Ooh-Rah!
Comment by @inthenow. This is a opt-in bot.

hahaha... it's not only about delegating maam Za! 😊😊


Hahaha... you need something to believe in , wont you :P

That is just the second page... the first page has the big delegations and they take it all...

But they gave us a perfect way to legally mine steem and scam this place, they just ask for their 15% cut!


but still they will get more steem power as a reward curations.

Thank For sharing,l like