that´s how I look at my mom 😅

:) ...thanks for the feedback!

Yeah... so serious! I love that look! :)

But I am sure she is trying her best! :)

Life is full of misery. The way I see it, you have two options.

Drown your sorrows in the dankest memes you can find.
And there is no better place to find them than my blog. Here on Steemit, my memes know no bounds. We can be as wholesome or as offensive and dank as we want. And if you think all I do is spam-post memes, then think again, cause there are more than just memes on this blog. There are analyses, new meme alerts, and meme tutorials. This profile is as volatile as memes themselves.


So sit my child, and become one with the memes.

Thanks a lot! Great! :)

A tomcat (male cat) can begin mating when he is between 7 and 10 months old.

nice 😃

Thanks, dear! :)

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Oh! Thanks mr Bot! That is so great! :)

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