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How about the traditional upvote for upvote? What do you think?

I've delegated my SteemPower, look..

I'm just trying to build connection :D

Congratulations! @fitzgibbon
You can get some serious Airdrops here, though.

Nice! You're into crypto since 2010? wow!!

(That post says posted by Nigel Mark Dias 23rd May 2010)

Nice! You're into crypto since 2010? wow!!
(That post says posted by Nigel Mark Dias 23rd May 2010)

I wish I was so prescient. @fitzgibbon
On the Local Search blog, I archive non search or promotional posts to the back of the blog. Airdrops were available from late last year.

Ow... ok!

Are you trying to scam people or what? ZCG is around 10 cents

I know, right? I've already contacted Delta via Twitter. But someone placed an order on EtherDelta see this transaction:

Someone paid 0.029920000 ETH for 0.000035200 ZCG, an actual rate of 850 ETH per ZCG. Since ZCG isn't traded on many exchanges, such a transaction sets the market cap and price of a coin.

One could say I've been a millionaire for a day :)

But I wouldn't recommend EtherDelta to people who are new at crypto, mistakes are easily made and there's no fallback scenario..

It was probably a mistake from that someone, or it is a type of strategy.. I often see sometimes once in a while someone would place an order of 1 BitShares for $5 when the market price is just 20 cents.. this shakes the market for a few seconds and really can confuse the brain of all the other traders presently active in the market (when the transaction is being broad casted)... but now that you are a millionaire I should focus on my manners while talking to you.. should I avoid eye contacts and look down while I speak to you Mr. Multi Millionaire Sir

No, I was a millionaire yesterday, today, I'm just a minnow again :)

**Oh he is no longer a millionaire

-- Sits on the sofa in front of him.. takes the cigarette packet out of my packet and starts smoking.. duh he is just a minnow.. to hell with showing manner in front him..

sell it before your app changed its mind!!! xD

Yeah, I tried that but no one seems to buy much zcash gold at these prices on EtherDelta. Maybe someone makes another big error and fills my open order, who knows...

would be fun if someone would buy it))

For me yes, for the poor other guy, I dunno..

@fitzgibbon you are doing great on dmania

hey there @hopsy, thanks, but I don't really get how I'm doing great at the moment, curious about your perspective here

For whales to post on steemit..its a nice thing because one way or the other it will benefit steemians like us

Damn! haha congrats ;)
One day good sir!