My meme on the front page of dMania

in dmania •  10 months ago

Yes, yes it got there by getting upvoted by their bot, but still, that feeling that something you made is "front page" is awesome.

And now for some sweet irony: the meme that got the big upvote took me very little time to create, as opposed to yesterday's meme that took a couple of hours and didn't get much attention.

Why did it take me that long? Because I spent a lot of time trying different free editors that would help me get the font right. I didn't quite succeed, but at that point I felt like I put to much time into it and that it was good enough.

Yesterday's meme

Original recruitment poster used for the first time during WW1

I tried to convey through my modification the need for good content creators on this platform just like a 100 years ago they had the need for men to go to war.
Ideally I would like to see that poster ( a higher quality version of it with some more tweaking of the font to make it look exactly the same) posted on other social media sites as a funny "recruitment" tool. A man can dream .... :)

I will keep on posting memes every day ( hopefully) on my other account @cmmemes and try to get better at mememing ( that's definitely a word :) )

My name is Adrian a.k.a "The nearsighted traveler". I'm a running enthusiast who loves spending time enjoying nature. I write mostly about running, the places I explore and the interesting stuff I learn here on steemit.
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And if you want a good laugh you can visit my other account @cmmemes where I fail at being funny but persevere anyway :)

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Thanks man, it means a lot that you stopped by, I really appreciate the support :)