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One thing I said when I missed the boat on crypto at peak, if it tanks I hope to buy in, and catch the next wave up. If the economy has a crash will crypto prices go up? I work in construction and I swear you can almost tell exactly what is going on with the market based on how many work hours I get, since 2008 it's almost a perfect mirror. August was a terrible month for me, September I got laid off, but I'm thinking whatever is going on is not at 2008 levels, hiring this year was stagnant until June and fall and winter look busy. I hope Steem is at peak bottom, it's a good time to accumulate enough to get a nice bump if crypto rockets again, with the dollar worth more than Steem post payouts are helping me build Steem faster, but I'm hoping this isn't the end of Steem. I am baffled that crypto is taking such a hard beating, unless this is a historic price correction and crypto all along was over valued. What ever it is I hope this isn't the end of crypto, just a great time for people to buy in.