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Another Day another Update

DLUX Deck.jpg
The DLUX token architecture is now nearly autonomous with the following features:

  • Nodes in the runner group at consolidation determine the the marketing rate and the node rate.
    • Marketing rate 0-20% -> Account that pays for promotional behavior on chain. Resteems for now.
    • NodeRate is used to cut the reward pie and disburse over credited signers
  • Delegators to @dlux-io will be paid at 10% the reward pool distributed over delegators by vests at consolidation time.
    • This can be adjusted by @dlux-io from 5-20%
  • Nodes can now provide active keys and sign additional transactions(escrow agents can accept fees)
  • A 2 way Decentralized Exchange "DEX" has been established
    • Tokens are held in contracts that can be bought or canceled
    • This utilizes STEEMs escrow transactions
    • Contracts hold the authorizations and consensus can be formed about when to issue transactions for nodes to sign
    • Partial buys of DLUX contracts are possible. Partial buys of STEEM and SBD Contracts are not.
  • Listens for delegations to credit in DLUX
  • Clears the stack when nodes sign transactions
  • @dlux-io can expire posts to prevent spamming resteem rewards for past content
  • Non-Fungible Tokens can be created, Transferred, and Destroyed


  • Distribute ICO tokens daily
  • Distribute reward pool over dlux content
  • Scoring escrow services
  • IPFS pinning market
  • @dconnect relay integration (one stop dApp platform, always free with no infrastructure to provide)
  • Extend contract language for more interoperability
  • So much testing
  • So much documentation

tl;dr -> Already better than SMT lite?



Interesting! I resteemed this article. By the way I am Japanese Steemian.

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@dlux-io. Hi guys, it would be great to get an update to see how the daily ICO is going, how long will this be going for? All the best for 2019. Would be great to know the plans for the team for 2019.

@dlux Great work guys, resteemed

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