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Sop I just sent 0.001 steem to the @robotolux how does that stay up? @disregardfiat now i wanna know how yoru dex system works. You could have a peg of this same DLUX on steem engien and we shoudl so we can get DLUX on telos and EOS, newdex should have DLUX its a godo project and we can get it listed free man, we should finally do that let the peopel decide

we can use Unity Vr chat rooms, i have @eosass project and we can use DLux... but i already have the project working using regular twitch chat bot inside vr chat, and i can just tip peopel in chat, or discord, and tipit bot already works with EOS STEEMP and we could get DLUX in there too

anyway i wanna know how robotolux works, and how the dex works, what server is it running off, its a side chain right? we should just use a eosio main net, like strongblock can make. dlux can be an eosio main net :D

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