Disregardfiat and his Dlux.io Website offers Any Aspiring Steem Game Developers the chance to build 3D, VR, IPFS, Steem Blockchain powered Worlds, all integrated with steemconnect. Get in on the ground floor with Dlux.io

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Anyone wanting a 3D open source Virtual reality tool for gaming, art or education can come learn with myself and @disregardfiat who will be hosting some of the most incredible livestreams you can attend here on steem if you are a creative type. Attending these livestreams on DLive may up your IQ by several points overnight, because he will be teaching me and anyone joining (hopefully @surfyogi and @bleepcoin ) how to actually develop their OWN proto game in 3d with VR all hosted on IPFS and running with Steemconnect integration so users can login with steem accounts, create something cool and useful or fun in 3d like a 3d model or game map, and then save it as a steem post which also let's them come back to the project on IPFS 3d editor, but this will finally allow us to create our own worlds, and hangout on a steem post or a special app ro front end and talk in a 3d avatar body, with an altered voice and everything, We will eventually even run whole businesses in VR , since we can be in a Voice chat inside of a spaceship in VR world while we trade crypto or make steem posts from virtual machines in the game.

I even have plans to import Zelda64 into this Dlux.io Steem VR world and remake elements of the game like a single temple, but redone with Steem integration where in treasure chests, the character Link finds Steem or SMT tokens instead of rupees, and where you can actually play with other players and compete or cooperate inside of the temples.
Here you can actually make money, real life money, and with an SMT you can make posts showing gameplay images or videos, or "lets play" streams which can earn you even extra income, but the gameplay itself wil have mechanics with its own economics, SMT using Bancor to manage many small marketcap assets, and I feel we can have a smash success with in game SMTs or specially games JUST made for an SMT. Dlux.io may even have an SMT that can rival decentral-land and its Steem Land fork possibility @adept had championed before his passing. I feel like we can now make this a reality with @disregardfiat as he is the one man show behind all of these amazing developments and we NEED to help HIm pay HIS rent so he can stay up ALL night and just worry about helpin make cool new 3d stuff for steem! If I CAN HELP Steem by Paying this man money top keep him employed so he doenst worry about rent, then I feel I will have chelped to contribute then whatever he then goes ahad to contribute to the blockchain! We just cant risk having @disregardfiat not able to spend 100% of his timeon steem, we dn't want him having to end up working at some otehr job or for some OTHER organization no we need him here!

I will be adding a beneficiary reward for @disregardfiat to this post, and the easy addition of a beneficiary was done using @steemplus Chrome Extension by @stoodkev so I thank him for making this all possible.

@disregardfiat will be getting 50% of this post to make a POINT about how INCREDIBLE his Steemconnect integrated IPFS run 3d VR steem world is https://dlux.io GO there and SEE his creation and how YOu can ALSO create on his platform!

Here is the @dlux.io Discord: https://discord.gg/phZMvxv

And here are more examples of what he has accomplished Ontop of just these 3d avatars you see here, they are also customizable avatars, avatars that let you speak with 3d sound so others can actually talk like a voice chat when you are near bye, Dlive Videos on the walls, steem posts with votable buttons on the walls or floor etc, portals like the game "Portal", importable openGL assets, soon to have Importable Unity Game Projects, and so much more.

More examples of the different features and worlds @disregardfiat has already created, since he started with the @gabbagallery project a Real Life Art Gallery in LA that was integrated into a VR steem gallery, and he also has 3d VR video integrated into this where some of his Dlux websites can show live or prerecorded 3d VR video, which can give you all sorts of possibilities since it also has steemconnect integration! You can use this to create anything from simply your own 3d models or an Art Gallery of famous 3d models, rendered at different levels depending on your Video card (Or Stake!) OR instead of a static art gallery, you can have a moving art gallery that is also a Game, or you can just CREATE a game! You can create a game integrated with steem that ends up becoming MUCH more fun and exciting that cryptokitties!

(hit cntrl + i to bring up the code inspector)

Actually hmmm in @bitcoinparadise 's Smart media group discord, @swolesome and I had been discussing a very simple capture the flag game in 3d and how we could use delegation as a way to take damage or to give damage, so when you get hit a headshot in the game, you delegate to your attacker for at least 10 days since delegation cannot be reversed for 10 days :D Then when YOU hit someone you get THEIR delegation! We can ensure the game players cannot be in the game if they do not have the required Steempower, and when they get hit,m are are out of SO to delegate out, they die and will need to buy more Steempower or more delegation :D You could also create City builder like games with this https://dlux.io system and since it is VR you can also use augmented reality and build a Pokemon go type clone but for the @steemmonsters chain where everyone with steemmonsters can play with them on some sort of 3d version of the game like Pokemon Stadium made a 3d gameboy game into a 3d one without changing the game, just redisplaying the game data in a different way. I feel like this can be done to steemmonters to bring a 3d element to the game, or one can create their own completely new game that works with the steem blockchain for accounts like @steemmonsters https://steemmonsters.com but which can than manifest the gameplay on the dlux.io site in 3d with anything from racing games like etherracing that never came out to our own types of tomagachi like games, or even crypokitty racing :D

OH MAN HAHAH I was JOKING about a game to mix Cryptokitties and ethracing (the ethereum racing scam that could have been a working game but never came out but which distributed the non fungible eth tokens to let people race) but here it is!

Someone has already actually mixed the idea and is working on a way to race your cryptokitties LOL so you SEE how they are OUT of ideas on the ethereum blockchain? Only DPOS Blockchains seem to have much potential for real ,mainstream global network potential! Only we here at Steem and on EOS will we have NEW fresh ideas guaranteed because of our own userbase that we keep fed and brains stimulated!

So if you would like to create GAMES for Steem, this https://dlix.io system by @disregardfiat is EXACTLY where you want to be! Check in with us SOON to see Dlive Live Streams of Disregardfiat teaching me how to code for these 3d world and how to edit and manipulate to the point where I am hopefully able to import an openGL asset of a 3d Lamborghini Kuntash from the 80s into the 3d project, and make it drive into a sunset, with a purple vaporwave grid under it, I just want to create a vaporwave aesthetic, because kids will come JUST for that, and if there is a game that can then make us money by getting people to pay in crypto like steem or upvote or delegation just to play, with money going ti p[ay artists and developers to make NEW art assets and in game stuff, well, I see this actually taking off!

Its a steemconnect IPFS run real 3d world with real steem blockchain integration and @disregardfiat has done SO much of the hardwork, let us help support him and his project and recognize that THIS is the future of styeem gaming and THIsi s a BILLION dollar idea! Imagine when we can import Zelda n64 games and redesign Zelda ocarina of time to put Steem easter eggs to win steempower or upvotes inside that game... I always dreamed of modding Zelda64 now we can import the game, and rewrite it to our own liking and build our OWN new Temple, maybe make an underground room in temple of time, build an entire zelda puzzle and then add hidden STEEM tokens inside of treasure chests and make it so that Rupees in the game are replaced by actual SMT tokens which can be generated in game by Non Player characters, bots that will act like faucets, the game tokens generated as more users play it,m and they can powerdown their SMT power they are paid in and help push price down or they can HOLD the token, earn much more in the game, and the game developers can build more features over time! I feel we have so many possibilities that we will need more fulltime dedicated employees just to realize all of these possibilities, because its more for just one person to be able to handle!

So live frugal, cut back expenses, and hey, get yourself into a trailer or a Low rent Treehouse like me so you CAN stay up all night and spend all day working on your DREAMS! Why care about impressing some random women or teenagers who may make fun of you for living in a shitty low rent place or for living with parents or family to save money, well, if you CAn do that, do it as long as possible, help pay your family rent but if you can live in a trailer park and save rent and not be a burden on youre family asking them for rent money like many youth end up doing, well, why not just take the L and loose social "clout" tokens but then make it up by saving money, working extra hard day and night, and making enough in crypto to BUY a house the next year! Just ignore the noise, ignore "society" if they arent giving you support, and just focus on the PRODUCTIVITY and just create VALUE and if you need better skills just practice making things, and create media digital content since theres more work for digital media content producers than ever before since we have more viewers than ever before! So what I mean is we have MORE jobs than we can handle, and ESPECIALLY hereon this massive growth industry that is crypto and within that we are inside an even bigger growth sector called Steem! And if you put two and two together, and combine the growth sector of gaming and VR with the growth sector of Crypto and Steem, you get @disregardfoat and his https://dlux.io which needs YOUR support

(TOP: Example of Early Dlux.io Github/Utopian code. BOTTOM: Another Background Map for Dlux.io to showcase different map styles)

So come to his discord https://discord.gg/phZMvxv And also if you can, please delegate Steempower to him in return for advice on your project from ME, which I will give to you and help craft and tailor make an idea for integrating this VR system into your business. So come to his Discord and just come learn from him so you can create your own Dlux.io project files and 3d worlds, art, games, or whatever you want! Its a HUGE potentialk for growth, the Dlux.io SMT I believe could become a multi million dollar marketcap token, maybe even hundred million dollar, yes I do feel like Steem could be in the hundreds of billions of dollars in marketcap and great SMT pillar projects like this could become almost as big as All of Steem is Now, just like EOSDAC could become as big as EOS is now, while EOS is as big as Google at nearly 1 trillion dollar marketcap. Because the dollar can be inflated and printed up, Yes we WILL see Multi trillion dollar valuations for blockchains, because alllll that digital fiat money will be taken out of all the derivatives to buy crypto and it will result in a massive dump of cheap dollars on the global market, and this is simply inevitable.

If you would like to learn more,
Some example GIF of what we can do with @dlux

Here is the @dlux Roadmap

@markegiles is important to tag and his Roadmap Post puts this all in perspective, and explains how to USE this software much better than I could. But I am happy to say I will be attending video chats with @disregardfiat where I can do a DLive video to get him paid and he can teach me how to build a simple Proof of concept game, which I can then package and market as a proof of concept game to encourage others to develop for steem, AND encourage INVESTORS to INVEST in This platform with such an important 3d VR Sandbox for making games.

If you need a free trial of Ackza's LifeCoach program for Crypto email me at zackza@gmail.com or text 619 500 3748 Signup under me at Binance here https://www.binance.com/?ref=12761991 and....

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Sounds good Zack!
Don't over think it bro..


https://discord.gg/aannE7q make suire you rin @bitcoinparadise 's SMart Media group dfiscord im always in their voice chat its becoming nice placeman u should bve in their voice too you would make a great addition

Some example GIF of what we can do

Here is the @dlux Roadmap

@markegiles is important here and put this all in perspective, and explained how to USE this software

I remember checking this out the other day and it looks sweet! There's a lot of potential for this!!!


yeah man watch,m im using https://steembottracker.com and @smartsteem bid bot paid upvote service to get this post on trending watch, you shoul dsee it up to almost $15 or $17 or so soon, i wanna get to it $20 or $30 i may pay for evern more uipvotes :) This post deserves to be at the top! I hope @matt-a @thejohalfiles @inertia @roelandp @sweetsssj all see it

I need as many whales to get behind this like @xaero1 and @therising to recognize this post as valuable, since 50% beneficiary rewards go to @disregardfiat and he needs a source of income to continue developing this platform!

Highly rEsteemed!

Dlux.io is a great tool. I hope the whole steemit community must like it. Thaks for sharing.

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

Hello ackza what interesting your work. I wish you all the best, so that you can achieve your project. May all the whales of this great ocean of steemit value your work.
A hug and good energy.