Dlux Is Leading A New Steem-Chain Fork!!

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So the Developers at @Dlux.io have been talking to @Yabapmatt and @NED and they are excited to announce That @dlux-io will be leading a courageous new Fork of The Steem-Chain!!! :)
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  1. Social media? Why do you need to put all posts, comments, and votes on the blockchain, especially in full text? If you want immutability just store a hash of the post on the blockchain...
  2. Monetization of social media? I've thought of better ways to do this rather than minting a reputation/bandwidth token that no one wants to buy except for investing, plus you could set up the distribution of this so much better with better reputation systems.
  3. General content management system for soft-consensus apps? Ok, Steem is actually pretty good at this, especially with my projects steem-state and Spire https://github.com/nicholas-2/spire, but soft-consensus really isn't great for anything but games, and putting games on the blockchain isn't the most compelling use case, especially since these can't even own any money (limitation of soft-consensus apps)
    And to top it all off, DPoS is kinda just shitty, as we already know from things like @steemit possiblity of censorship and more.
    The goals of this steem-chain fork are:
    To run the rest of our ICO (50%)
    Pay token rewards to @dlux-io delegators (25%)
    Pay token rewads to dlux content (50%)
    Pay token rewards to dlux currators (50%)
    Establish a market to host IPFS pins (10%)
    Establish a market to offer encrypted anonymous @dconnect relays (0%)
    Establish a market to run compute and shard dApp smart contracts (25%)
    tenor (1).gif


There is no new fork

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Lol are you kidding me

Okay to my defence, I read it today..


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I've read the title, and i was happy.
Now, i hate you.



Maybe we can break the ice with a joke LOL.

....got you.... :)

I know u love me.

Happy april fools.

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GOT YOU!!! Happy April.

lol. good one.

Bastard! 😆






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