5 Dtube Philosophers - Go Check Them Out! #guiltfreesteemit

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In this HwZ 46, I bring you 5 @dtube Philosophers. Everyone on this list speaks from the heart and speaks from a place of philosophy. 2 are very well known the other 3 should have way more followers. be sure to go check them out! What really matters is stregthening the STEEMblock, Dlive people, share the love and check out these steemians!

  1. @kennyskitchen
  2. @dlife
  3. @jordanpike
  4. @spiritsuccess
  5. @fullyhuman

Be sure to check these guys out!

My video is at DLive


Hey brother, I really like the way you do your videos, you talk slowly, meaningfully and I feel that awesome calmness inside of you really helps me to slow down my own constant-rushing-for-something lifestyle. Ok, I want to thank you for this great review, I went through all your list checked the people and followed three people out of 5. I didn't follow @spiritsuccess because to me he seems not knowing the things he is talking about that good to talk aboput them, and I didn't follow @fullyhuman, though he seems to be very interesting and strong and he says mostly right things, but I just didn't like his eyes.
Ok congratulations to 1) @kennyskitchen 2) @dlife3) @jordanpike you have just received my followship because of this video of @zainenn. You could at least come and tell THANK YOU TO HIM to INCLUDE YOU in Dtube&Dlive philosophers list. Or you too busy for gratefulness. If so, I will unfollow you and never follow you back!))))
Anyway, my special thanks for mentioning this book by Richard Bach. I haven't read it, but I think I heard something about it. I must confess I am not going to watch the video about this book, I will read it instead!
So Don't stop! It all be Fine.
Will be around)

Hey @johnstone thank you for the kind words! Please get back to me after you read it!

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