The Cross Eyed Traveler Drink - Take Five

in dlive •  3 months ago


Scott and I do not drink often, but when we do it doesn't take much.

To make this drink you will need the following:

Frozen Blueberries
Tablespoon Vanilla
A Shot of Whipping Cream
A Shot of Vodka
A Shot of Triple Sec
and a mixer

Mix it up, drink responsibly, and try not to film it in five takes.

My video is at DLive

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I LOVE you in this video- what a character :) I'm dying to try one of these now- YUM!

I don't drink very often either- and I have to say, it affects me... well... pretty much like it affects you by the look of it :)

What's Triple Sec by the way?
Fab video- keep it up! E x


Tripplesec is an orange flavored liqueur.



YUM! I love orange flavour- that makes me want to try this even more!


It was really good. Scott loves blueberries and lemon, but I am not a huge lemon fan so we went with a citrus I really liked. It was pretty good for sure.

This certainly looks like a complicated drink to put together, I imagine you know when you have had too much when you can't work out how to make another one!

#thealliance #witness


Or simply make a HUGE batch before you start the night!


Nah, it was easy! It was the fifth take that was difficult!

Hehe I was giggling along with you from the start! xD I love the sound of the drink though, I have never come across it before! Yum!


I had been at Sam's and picked up a 4lb bag of blueberries, not knowing what I was going to do with it. This was just one of the ideas! We knew we had Triple Sec, Vodka, Vanilla, and cream so we just threw it together. By the fifth take, @scottf and I were definitely Cross Eyed Travelers.


We had just invented it.

Now if I can just remember the recipe for the Scott Toddy.

This was GREAT!!! now I want to know why it took you 4 takes to do it LOLLLL

oh and this really doesn't have to be NSFW :D but it did make me click LOLLL

and now I want one or 5 of what you just had!!! but need ingredients!!


Ren is a bit stubborn when she has an idea of how she wants a video or post to turn out. The more of these we drank the further from perfection we got.