The Save My Home Tank Stream

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I am streaming game play because I need to save my home. I am suffering from a snowball effect. Work can only be found 50 miles from where I live. My truck is unregistered and driving it any longer could result in jail for me and even worse for my lady. April's land rent remains unpaid and May's is just around the corner. Should I be evicted I will lose the home I own and everything in it which includes items that belonged to my lady's late father which are irreplaceable. I am begging for your help because I do not know what else to do. :(

My live stream is at DLive

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holy shit u got an upvote from @trevonjb trevon james from youtube

yeah. Trevon is actually a really good person and does not really deserve all the hate people bestow upon him.

time for a dinner break

9 hours and counting

ugh 10 hours. I feel like I am showing a movie to a bunch of stuffed animals or something lol

hey whenhowwho!

is anyone else in here watching?

Who is all here, I wanna chat with other Tanks fans

I will follow and upvote anyone on Steemit who also votes on this or donates to help this guy out. How many of you have ever needed help? $1 from the 78 viewers would give whenhowwho $78 come on people!

Hope things get better mate.