Voluntaryism is for Realists. Statism for the Violently Religious.

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This is the extended audio/video version of a text article I posted two days ago here.

I hope it might serve some as a resource looking to explain to curious friends and family, or critics of the voluntaryist philosophy why, far from being a "utopian, intellectual pipe dream," voluntaryism is the most hard-nosed, reality-based and practical philosophy there is.



My video is at DLive

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Couldn't watch this on youtube as Korean ISPs block things of this nature and want me to verify my age by giving my phone number to YouTube and "partners". Gonna watch this now here - long live dlive!

I am speechless! This song was absolutely stunning. I was so excited to come listen to this after we talked about it on our live stream today! I love the overall vibe and feel of the song. It is adventurous, hopeful and mysterious all at the same time.
Placing a Gina Bot on you is one of the best decisions I have ever made on steemit...
Your songs are like drugs, I am addicted and cant walk away from it.
About waking up at night to record songs.
I also do the same, as an artist and a writer I always walk around with a pocket jotter or sometimes I use my phone to record the idea.
If I am correct, you can write songs, right? Try keeping a jotter closeby


Have you been hacked, bro?


...give me some of whatever he's having!