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Time-lapse colored pencils - The myths about being an Artist

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Good Day Vaan, the first is to congratulate you for that new drawing as always do it perfectly, and with respect to the post you've written about the artists, I have to be in total agreement with you, because as you have expressed there are people who think that being an artist is Viv Go a life in a hippie plan, evil living off your paintings and having a bad time, but today that has changed a lot, there are universities and schools dedicated to teaching art in all its expressions, and thanks to the current media we can share and give Knowing a level that years ago we could not even think, but if you do not have that innate talent to take any pencil or other tool and make a sketch, drawing, painting and so you have to study and be constant to do well what you propose , in my case I'm self-taught I've never been to any workshop or school, I've been reading articles and Opinions of people who like you share their work and teachings and I have been applying to my drawings and paintings, in short I extend more than if I do not mess and not stop Jajajajajaja congratulations on your great drawing and thank you very much for sharing your ideas.
Have a good week, buddy.

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Hello, @vicenteajb I agree with you also. There are so many things online that we can learn and it's much easier to share your work. I wish the best for you. Keep creating that wonderful art my friend!


Hello Vaan, thanks friend and you if you create magic with your drawings and excite us all.