Catholic Priests Attacked as Child Abuse Epidemic Is Further Exposed

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Many have worked long and hard to expose the massive criminality of the Catholic church - particularly with regards organised child abuse on an epidemic scale.

Despite having signed a document into 'law' several years ago basically preventing priests from exposing child abuse within the Church - they have now openly admitted to massive child abuse in their midst - yet it is unclear exactly whether this will lead to any real change. What chances are there that a system that appears to be literally built on criminality, mind control, weaponised guilt and exploitation will change its ways?

Numerous sites have covered recently how cases in America have come to light, but this is truly something that is global and spans Centuries:

In this video we see enraged people attacking priests in public in response to their realisation of the extent of the corruption.

There has also been at least one case of a priest being beaten unconscious in retaliation for association with the group which I have long called a criminal body:

My video is at DLive

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I am not normally a proponent of violence, but if this keeps getting glossed over and covered up, and the law is swayed to protect them, then we will have to take things into our own hands, they have to see that they wont get away with it, we wont let them abuse innocent children this way. There are not many things/issues people will stand united on, but children is one of them, no matter what political party you adhere to, what religion you align with, what your sexual orientation is, what your race is, there are not many who will turn their backs on children regardless if the law is on our side or theirs.

That said there should be a better option to turn to than violence, but with the current state of the world at the moment in some instances it is unfortunately the only viable option at times.


Personally I advocate for the peaceful seizing of Catholic churches en Mass and a public declaration of the Catholic church as a criminal body.


That would be ideal for sure. But people are outraged, and rightfully so. Would be great to see it resolved peacefully, be the better people etc. Great coverage :)

Jews rape kids. Expel the jew by '22! 5b7b63b696f5a.jpeg


At this point I think buddhism is the only religion I know of that hasn't been directly connected to organised child abuse.

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