[U-Hat DLive] PUBG with the boieeeeees LIVE #TeamDLive

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(If you are seeing this on steemit click the picture to join in on the live stream!) I would love to thank @mro and @ty2nicerva for some awesome overlays and logos ! If you have any questions about dlive or streaming feel free to ask!

50 SBD giveaway link:

DLive Discord : https://discord.gg/nuVrV4E
Website : https://www.dlive.io

My live stream is at DLive


Sure man no problem, been busy myself. Managed to get and and stream for a bit today trying to get on that streamers of the week

So I have been searching for that Dlive vote haha, got one earlier (Not as big as yours though! Grats man)

Greetings friends from Venezuela.
delen I like it and let's talk to each other to win more and so we crowd each other

Oh trust me, my girl has been ripping my head off for streaming so much lmao D:

Hey man :)

Maybe it's because of audio router? i know it was messing with my mic and headset

it's actually good now, 0 cut outs yep it was noise cancelling

I remember when I use to be one of the "boieeees"


I sent you a discord DM, let me know if you want me to do the rest of the undone tutorials for the help center :)

Already did OBS, Dlivelabs and XSplit broadcasting to Dlive

get some sleep first man lol!

Great stream guys

Any way that I can join up on the PUBG guys? I just went live as well. Got room on the team?

Yo what up man

Good man, how you doing? I completed a "Welcome to DLive - how to/info:" took a few hours but its a very comprehensive tutorial that anyone can follow :)

That would be awesome man!

that awesome upvote! Gratz man! :)

very interesting I really like what you share.
I will wait for your next posting

this stream is lit!

I'm good how are you doing

audio is cutting out a bit, i feel like maybe it has to do with your noise cancelling?

I dropped you that HOT follow lol

audio is cutting out a bit, i feel like maybe it has to do with your noise cancelling?

well that sounds crazy

I do have a webcam just not turned it on in a while, I normally stream early hours in the morning so I look dead haha

7 am here and just got done streaming, had no sleep yet. Will get some rest after im done watching ya for a while

ill probably throw a stream on later, if you wanna play let me know

nice stream man....i like that tomhanks14 guy ALOT

How can you have alerts

same I just spam

Would it be easier for me to contact you guys through WhatsApp or something? I imagine that you guys get a tonne of DMs on Discord so just a thought.

Yah I use to stream on twitch so I was confused

yah I get you but it's a start

yah I undated my Overlay saying on it thanks for the Follow and Thanks for the Upvote since I did't know about this discovery this is gold:)

that awesome upvote! Gratz man! :)

Does Kent understand the whole thing now yeah?

do you play fortnite also or nah

I just downloaded it for pc only played it on console

the plays lol

yee im a console player atm

I played PUBG on pc but i'm just ok atm since I suck at keyboard and mouse

yee I get you

ok I'll stop by maybe later tonight if you are still on. Have a good stream @uhatgaimg:)

Alright I gotta go get some rest man, will message you tomorrow so keep your eye out for me. Hope the rest of the stream goes well, Good Night Brother.

Can i join?

Okay bye man gonna go enjoy some fortnite then and stream later :P

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uhatgaming has died while streaming for lack of sleep:(