[U-Hat Dlive] PUBG with the boys #TeamDLive ask questions here.

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(If you are seeing this on steemit click the picture to join in on the live stream!) I would love to thank @mro and @ty2nicerva for some awesome overlays and logos ! I will be streaming as long as i possibly can, if you have any questions about dlive or streaming feel free to ask!

I am also doing a 10 SBD giveaway link below :

DLive Discord : https://discord.gg/nuVrV4E
Website : https://www.dlive.io

My live stream is at DLive


oh no worries :) Kick some ass on PUBG

Im going live on PUBG, I appreciate any upvotes :)

Hellow U-Hat, have a good stream :D

It looks great

im gonna switch to PUBG had like 2 upvotes and one from myself lol. Been like this the last few days. Gotta get back to the basics lol.

Its good post and i dont.undestand..!!

Hi my name is Mohammed zaharadeen, am really happy been here, well dlive is a very interested platform full of amazing people.

Should be good...

one of the informative post
thanks @uhatgaming

Hello how are u :)

Im fine , i need to play with you one day maybe =)

hello everyone! hi uhat wave wave!

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Uhat whats up man! Im streaming as well. Good to see ya

like your posts, and you are very genius towards people
visit my blog every time thank you do not forget upvote me @marshel

That's so cool you can play all that without a controller! Looks awesome!

Good, thanks!!

I just got off a little while ago. Have an awesome night! Good luck with the chicken dinner, lol!

Aye, whats up mate, did you got any chicken dinners alrdy?

Nice :D I just woke up hehe, kinda wanna go sleep more but I have things to go and do soon xd

There is no delay for me :D Like 30 sec delay maybe only. Well going to the doctor, which is not in my city, so like 100km from here, then will also go for a shopping I think xd

Yeah kinda scared tbh :D Since I need to take some tests there :D I will go and eat somethinf rn, have a nice one mate, hope ya get them dinners

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look whos on!

damn, im loving the beats

Wow, this is awesome..