Hearthstone - Fortnite and PUBG

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Lets go boys

Introduce me ! i am ubay0077. i live in indonesia, aceh. i am a teacher right now. my hobbies are reading book and playing game. my favorite game is Dota 2. i play Dota since 2013, so right now i play 5 years :). my dream is to be a prefossional streamer like TI winner ( The international) Dota 2 that is Admiral Bulldot who win the TI3. so enjoy my game and have fun ok?


My rules in Dota is Offlane. but i can play all of them, mid, carry and support. if you want to play Dota with me its ok, Lets go play it. i have steam id, here we go

My steam ID is : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198082781343/

I always play all day 8 hour in a day

  • at 5 pm to 7 pm (time in indonesia)

so right now i have a lot time to play the game, i am playing

1. Dota


3. Rules of survival

4. Legend of League

5. Hearthstone

6. Fortnite

7. Game PS1


Top donations

1. @clove71 =1.7 sbd

2. @redjepi =1.4 steem

3. @imjohnnyimills = 1.4 steem

4. @jimmylin = 1.4 steem

5. @khalilmuza = 0.2 steem


💻 My specification Laptop : Asus ROG GL533VD 💻

Processor : Intel Core (TM) i7 7700HQ
CPU @ 28.GHz
Installed Memory (RAM) : 16.0 GB
System type : 64-bit Operating system, 

⚙️My gear⚙️

Mouse : M-Tech (the pro mouse coming soon)
Headset : Coming soon
Keyboard : Coming soon
Web Camp : Coming soon

☃️Follow me @ubay0077⛄️

🕶My social media🕶




My live stream is at DLive

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