Have at Least 10,000 Steem Power? Check this out.

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Steem price is reaching historic lows and I've been buying everyday on the way down along with posting great content and curating great content automatically by following my curation trail.

Follow My Curation Trail
Join my discord chat and read pinned message for steps to be added to our trail: https://discord.gg/cRhAFXK
Curation Trail Stats by @karega http://trailbase.io/#/trail/trevon
Follow My Curation Trail

My video is at DLive


Time to load up!....:)...

I'll have to look into this. I am doing my best right now to improve on all fronts for steemit. But atthe rate I am going now I am in a tight spot where I am kind of in a bleed out because have been pretty much forced to cash out to make ends meet.

You should come to the discord. You would get 10% upvote from the trail. Thats about $3 in steem extra.

ill get my voting power up above 90% and hop on at that point.

steem power is all we need man

I just started being active on steemit from last month and so far I managed to accumulate 53 SP . I will keep on accumulating more

I wish, 10k SP is the dream. Took me a year to get to 1k SP and that was with topping up myself. Someday maybe....

I also wanna have atleast 10000 SP

Steem to the moon soon.

Thanks for the update @trevonjb. I hope that steem does move up substantially. I used to do active and day-trading and this is a little different for me.

Very interesting group! I like how you have worked to put together a great great rewarding great content. How have your curation rewards been performing?

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