Dlive With @Travelgirl [31] Midweek Chat - 跟 @Travelgirl Dlive 直播聊天

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Hi all - I’m doing another midweek chat on @Dlive! Please drop by and say hello so I know you are there. I’ll be speaking in both English and Cantonese. :)

Using the Dlive servers today

all chat history is now off chain therefore you can't see them on Steemit anymore
大家好!5 分鐘後我會在 @Dlive做直播。記住在留言部分打個招呼讓我知道你在喔。希望你們可以多多支持。我會講英文和廣東話 - 過來一起玩啦!

Topics I’ll cover today:

What I've done for the week

Mother’s Day

New Dlive update. Request feature!

Interview with Sue - Thailand actress and model

New singing app I feel in love with recently - 全民k 歌

Packing for the trip

Taste testing

Please use the comment section to send me messages as I can see them :)

My live stream is at DLive

Hello Madame @travelgirl! Have a good day 😘

I'm here TG :)

你好!cn区点赞机器人 @cnbuddy 感谢你对cn区作出成长的贡献。倘若你不喜欢我的留言,请回复“取消”。

嘿~~~ 全民凯歌真的很好玩!

Do not know if my network here is not good, or obs network is delayed, I see your live broadcast will occasionally get stuck


I was concerned about the red "機関車トーマス" toy (lol)