Rocky Roads in the streets of Freiburg, Germany!

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Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany - 20 July, 2018

Following our sold out performance at the ZMF 2018 festival, we had a free afternoon in the beautiful city of Freiburg. On a sunny Friday afternoon, it was a good time to set up our equipment on the famous Kaiser-Josef-Strasse and do a short afternoon busking set.

Within seconds we had drawn a good crowd, BUT soon after the song, you can see a man in a black shirt approach us and ask us to stop playing (Ordnungsamt). While that was unfortunate, we shared a short moment of connection with the people before we were stopped short! :D

My video is at DLive

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Great sounds

Love the music and the style!! wonderful video

wow!watching from PI,

the art of making us realize the beauty of a life. shows us the beauty of a masterpiece. A priceless art is art that is able to vibrate the soul of each of the beholder.

Thanks for this friend

Long live music, Thetroublenotes!!!


@lecumberre <3 Thank you friend.

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Waooo Amaizing Music guys and excellent trio, best regards

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Amazing energy, you guys are getting better and better with every post. Pity about Ordnungsamt, but street music is sometimes like that.

Amazing. I appreciate.
Thanks for sharing.

great music.
hey friend can you help me
vote for me, i really need ur help

Wow i really fall in love

Wow, I envy you for your talent but you do share it so it's 👍
It's great listening to you guys.

What a wonderful musical ride! ✌💛

Wow- what awesome sound!

I'm following you on dlive . what a great music dear! love you. carry on