Ask Me Anything /w @MenO - Recording with Timestamps

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The recording of our AMA livestream is available on dlive with a click on the thumbnail.


What’s your Real Life Job ?@rivalzzz12:00
If you could change one thing on Steemit, what would it be.@cryptoandcoffee18:48
What is your main goal as a witness in 2018? By the end of this year, what do you want to achieve and how it will help STEEM Blockchain?@hungryhustle26:00
If you misplace master password you are done for?@franciferrer31:30
WOLF, as being a witness, what do you think - WHEN we will get Steem’s HF20?@onealfa41:35
You keep a very very small feed. Do you ever surf around your feed or discover new content or curate manually out of it or smartsteem?@yidneth46:40
Recently we are seeing lots of DApps created on the Steem blockchain that mimics popular platform on the internet. Eg, Steemhunt (Product hunt), (Quora), Tasteem (Tripadvisor sort of). Do you think these DApps have the potential to attract more users? Do you think they bring value to Steem and Steemians? Steemmonsters is probably the DApp that has the most potential imo.@jrvacation54:00
Recently, some stakeholders have talked about selling their witness votes as a service. As a witness yourself and also the runner of a vote-selling service, what do you think would be the pros and cons for Steem if this becomes normal?@fredrikaa1:00:20
Time freezes for everyone but you for one day. What do you do?@carrieallen1:09:10
Do you support merging promoted content into the tag specific pages, including trending and hot? For example, every fifth post or so would get a special outline and place on the page based on amount of SBD burned.@clayboyn1:14:35
If we have an idea for an app that could use steem or future SMT, what is the best way to approach a develop@ankapolo1:29:20
What will happen if Ned wakes up one day and feel he is done with steemit?@focusnow1:33:30
What will you do about whales that abuse the platform and its users? I am talking about the Ranchorelaxo and Haejin self voting scam that allows this user to get rewards far above what other similar content is getting. If the community tries to flag this content, he tries to destroy their accounts with retaliation flags.@kabir881:39:30
I have a question @meno how big of a roll do you think the discord is going to play in the steemit experience? it seems hard without…@vladivostok1:52:40
Where do you see Smart Steem in 1 year?@lunaticpandora1:58:20


I want to thank every single one of our viewers, commentators and question-makers for helping us create such an amazing event!

@Meno and I had so much fun talking for 2 full hours about our beloved Steem blockchain.

If you're not sure what the livestream was about - check out this recent post: Ask Me Anything - Wednesday 8th August 7PM UTC with @meno on dlive.

We will let you know once we've decided on another event, as a few questions were left unanswered.

But we will be back on dlive .. for sure!

Your witness,

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Q: As being a witness, what do you think - WHEN we will get Steem's HF20 ?

My Question: Where do you see Steemit in a year? What progress has been made? What is the price development? What does the community look like?

Mein Frage: Wo siehst du Steemit in einem Jahr? Welche Fortschritte wurden gemacht? Wie ist die Preisentwicklung? Wie sieht die Community aus?

Great session @therealwolf and @meno. Really grateful to you guys for organizing this wonderful @dlive AMA! Learnt so many things today. Can't wait to join the next one. Please do it more often. ;-) and you guys are gems.

Special thanks to everyone else for asking wonderful questions!


Thank you very much @hungryhustle! We will do that - a few questions were left unanswered, your others included!


Bloody awesome! Cheers guys. :-)

Ok, cool. Lets start and have a great time on the Stream :)

oh this is so amazing. mind blowing. thank you guys really, you shed some light on trully important topics.
i now realize how important it is to vote for therealwolf as a witness. and i did it just now! and how much he is contributing to steem. i feel like a total n00b right now. but its ok. I'm learning. and it's fun.

i first heard of steem two months ago, i was really interested in it. and i did even tried to sign up.... but the signup was not successful as i did not get the approval sent to my it dissapeared from my horizon for quite time before i realized i need to do this. i want to use steam to create and learn. so.. i am a new user here on steem. but i didnt get this account by registering up for it from the steem website. i didnt want to wait for approval time dont know if it would ever come, so i just bought this steemit account from someone.. he had a selections of usernames and i chose closest to my liking. and first things first i changed the master password how i could. and thats why im was interested in this topic. so now i know that there is a chance in loosing this account from previous owner if he decides to do a account recovery... by email or cellphone.... now i need to investigate how to set up an account recovery on my cell and my email ... if that is even possible... other than that i am at the mercy of the seller... haha.


Ich mag deine Stimme, hätte sie mir so gar nicht vorgestellt. :)


Danke dir ;)

Sorry I was not able to join live, but many thanks for the vote. My watching the video now. @therealwolf

Hi @therealwolf. thank you for the upvote. Watching the live feed but can't log into chat. Was waiting for email with the code to verify. Still hasn't arrived.

Q: Whats your thoughts on Stinc's Way for - One Account one Vote ?


rivalzzz reach out to me on Discord brother... :)

oh yeah im gonna dive into this right now! and i am terribly happy about your vote and others who contributed., at my post, it seems it did something in my universe... i was happy about 26.something rep score,,,, but as i see today.... i have more than i could ask for in such a short time. thank you for supporting me.
im still such a newbie. but man this is getting exciting pretty quickly.

and please if someone could help with a dtube question. so i see that one upload is one post. and i was wondering. if i could get multiple videos in one post. as i wouldnt like to spam with tiny videos it would just clutter up my view on things. it would be great to do dozen vids in one post. ill guess ill have to play around with it more. it would require an option to make a post but not public for it to work and to get all the links to work correctly... and then post it.

This is really cool!

Hi, i want to look to this video but i doesn't work. 500 internal error it says

very good posts. keep on being big brother

i watched it all and im impressed.

Well lot of things from session to learn and few things which goes unanswered , what abt steemit future , where are we heading in future , I appreciate ur efforts for this good video , thank you bro

Good idea to do an AMA for engagement and transparency. Happy with your answer to my question.

Sir when will be my profile get whitelisted

Could I ask here what is minimum amount of SP to get reward for leasing votes? I am afraid I have too less ...

Hard-working man, you are now my witness.

Can you show me a way that plankton can eat a whale? :-))

I thought for sure that I would have heard my question read and answered but I guess that's not the kind of question you were looking for, I was a bit disappointed but not surprised!


Masaitv... Please imagine a face smiling at you when I say this ok?

It's not easy to make it on Steem and that's a good thing. We all must be consistent and relentless. I know people on here that wrote 94 post before ever making one single penny and now they are dolphins and make good income. I think expectations are part of the reason why we get upset about these things.

I certainly wrote a lot before anyone noticed I existed at all... So the answer to your question is nuanced, but not that difficult. You gotta find your own way to be consistent (post and comment a lot daily) and be patient. It's not an amazing formula, it might not even feel good... but, most who are here don't have a financial investment into the platform hence they have to start from zero and that is very, very difficult.


It's all good, I ain't mad at you! Whatever you have said here just about sums up what I imagined you saying. It's sound advice which I plan to take to heart, thank you for taking the time to reply, and I will be consistent and patient while I post and comment daily.